Sunday, December 6, 2015

Another Week

Hello ALL!
Well we had another week. man it is amazing to me how we just keep having more pdays and more pdays! they just sneak right up on us and they just keep passing. We had a pretty good week this week, nothing super exciting or new happened...i feel like i say that every week...i guess that's just how it is! But i feel currently really content with things. it was another pretty up and down week and we had our fair share of strange days for a large variety of reasons, but the Lord is comforting us and giving us the strength to move forward. This week i was pondering quite a bit on what it is that motivates me to continue to go outside day after day and try to talk to people...because if you think about it for a second it is pretty strange that we just keep doing the same thing day after day, day after day...without seeing tons of success from it. What motivates me? what is it that keeps me going? I have decided that it is a few things and also those things change from day to day. Some days it is a sense of the Lord, to my family, to myself. I go out because i know i need to. Because it is what i have committed myself to do. Other days it is out of pure desire to help someone in need. Other days it is out of a desire to share with someone something i read in studies or maybe it is the pure hope and faith i have that one day we will find someone that is searching for the truth. It is a lot of things put together i guess. But in the end, i know why i am here and overall my love for my Savior is the thing that keeps me going. It is that simple. He is the reason i am here and the reason i continue in faith each and every day. Trusting that my small part truly is making a difference.

One experience i want to share from this week happened on scambio. We have been trying to do more work with members and there is this super cute member from Ecuador that has a huge desire to come out and do finding work with us once a week. I was with Sorella Taylor, who had never done finding with members before so it was a great opportunity for her to see how beautiful it is! We went out for about an hour and this member is just a great little missionary with a great faith and fire burning to bring the gospel to the world! During the hour, our goal was to find three people that we could teach and we reached hour goal right as the hour ended! We found people that, although they weren't particularly interested in our message in this moment, we found them in their time of need. One old man had just dropped his keys into the sewer and was really worried and needed a comforting word that we were able to give. Another two ladies were visiting from Sicilia and were stressed with documents and things and they were worried about their children that they left behind. We were able to leave them smiling in their moment of need as well. It was just a wonderful experience to be able to help God's children in a very literal way. I have a testimony of member work and also of the fact that the Lord places His children in need into our path. I say that over and over
again, but my testimony keeps being strengthened of it! The Lord puts the people in our path.

We are really focusing on increasing our faith that the field really is white, already to harvest. These past few weeks have been rough and i think that we have been able to see our faith diminishing. We realized it this week and are going to make steps to increase it again. I know that the Lord has a plan for His work here and i know that if we continue to do our part, He will ALWAYS do His. I am learning that instead of stressing out that we aren't doing enough, we just need to do our part, and leave room for Him to do the rest. I am the type of missionary that just really has to do do do do and if i am not doing everything or if i forget something, i feel bad and i feel like i am not doing enough. But i realized that if i go crazy and stress myself out to do too much, then i am not leaving space for the the Lord to His part. I cannot do it all. I cannot do anything on my own. We need to figure out what our small part is and then worry about that, not about doing everything at once.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and we are blessed to be able to spend it at Zone Conference with our wonderful mission president and His wife! they are cooking us an american Thanksgiving feast! i am excited, it should be a very well-timed much needed conference and i am very excited to see what they will teach us.

I am grateful for all of the people i love out there in the world! thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you do and have done for me. You are in my heart forever!

Sorella Burt

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