Monday, December 28, 2015


Hello Everyone!

This will probably be a quick one because we will SEE each other and have so much time to chat in like two days. Plus I don't have tonnnns of time or exciting things to say so I will probs just send a bunch of photos! This week was super great, everything is just going well. We have been having so much fun celebrating the Christmas season and enjoying the JOY that it brings. Being able to testify of Christ each and every day is literally the best way to spend a Christmas season...I recommend it to you all! The people here are much more open to talk to us about Christ during this time of year and it has yielded many wonderful miracles and experiences. We all have so many differences-religiously, culturally, physically, emotionally, family-wise, but at the end of the day we all have one thing in common and that is the fact that we have a Savior. He was born for ALL of us. I love that about this culture, they are for the most part Christians, so even if they are not super interested in learning about the Restoration, you can almost always have a really nice conversation about the Savior and what He means for us in our lives. It is interesting because as we talk with people, a lot of them don't have a really great grasp on the WHY behind the Savior or how He really helps us each and every day. This is why we are here, to invite people to discover the difference that He makes in our everyday lives, IF we truly let Him in and accept the gift that He has given us.

This week we went to a few Christmas parties and were able to go caroling down in centro and we have just been passing out the Christmas pass a long cards like CRAZY. We have soooo many and we really want to give them ALL out before Christmas. Both of the Torino wards had their Christmas parties this last Saturday and we went to a little bit of both of the parties! The luxuries of working in two wards :) The parties were really fun and at the one in Torino 2, there were a TON of non-members! It ruled, we were able to meet so many people and just had a really great time. The party was more of like a big talent show with TONS of food, so it was really entertaining! at the end, Santa came out with 6 big bags and they called the missionaries up to the front and gave us these huge bags full of food! It was super nice of them and we were laughing because in the bags it was literally ALL pasta, tomato sauce, olive oil, and cookies.....classics Italian. The other special Christmas moment we had this week was on Monday night. A sister in our ward had talked to us about a month ago about a little idea that she has been wanting to do for about 4 years now and she really wanted our help with it. She has been wanting to throw a little Christmas get together for all of the little old ladies and people that live in her apartment complex! So we helped her by practicing and performing a little Christmas concert where we sang spiritual and also fun Christmas songs with Santa hats and taking turns playing the piano. It was super fun and just a really great experience! I cannot really explain it super well but it was just really fun and all the people that came really enjoyed it! After the singing part we showed all of them E nato un Salvatore and we were able to bear our testimonies of the Savior and it was just really neat! They were all super impressed with how it all turned out and were really curious about who we were and why we are here! It was a really neat opportunity and just really brought the true Christmas spirit! I will send some photos!

That is about all I have for now! I am so excited to see all of your cute faces. Talk to you soon!


Sorella Burt

A place called Eataly that we went to on Pday.

Us looking slightly crazy about all the food we received.

Sorella Taylor and I.

Us with the hostess of the party.

A little taco/crepe place downtown.

Christmas party.

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