Monday, December 14, 2015

His Hand

Ciao tutti!
This week the miracle continues with L., the wonderful girl from Peru that I wrote about last week. This miracle was wonderful and truly strengthened my testimony of the power of our faith. So it was Wednesday and pday had just ended. We were at our house making some calls. Last week when we saw L., we had set up an appointment for Wednesday at 7 but during the week we had tried to contact her and she hadn't been responding to our messages or calls all week. We didn't know what was going on or if she was going to come to our appointment because we couldn't get a hold of her. We were trying to figure out if we should go all the way to the church when we didn't know if she would be there or if there would be a better way to spend our time. As we were sitting there, I kept thinking, maybe we should go to the church...but then just kept making phone calls. Finally I had the very distinct impression from the spirit that said "Go to the church." I immediately told my companion that we needed to go to the church and that L. was going to be there. We quickly went to the church and when we got there, she wasn't there, but for some reason I just had so much faith and I KNEW that she was going to come. It was weird, I guess but I just felt such a sure faith. Without a doubt she was going to be there. Not even five minutes after we got to the church, we hear the doors open and close and there was L.! SHE CAME! I was like jumping up and down with so much joy! It was a huge miracle. I couldn't believe it. She actually came. The Lord truly works miracles according to our faith! It is so real. I was amazed and I know that the Lord made that possible. It may not seem like a huge miracle but for me it really taught me LOT. It was a real life example of receiving promptings from the spirit, acting on them and then seeing the miracles that come to pass. We were able to teach her a beautiful lesson on the Plan of Salvation and she accepted a soft baptismal invite. We were just so joyful and I know that it was the will of the Lord! The Lord is so very good and His hand is in every detail.

Another little miracle story happened a couple days after Pday. We had some extra time in the morning before lunch without any appointments planned. During nightly planning the night before, my companion and I both thought of the same member lady that we thought could use a visit. We decided to give her a call and see if we could stop by. We tried calling her but she didn't answer. We decided that we would pass by anyways. Getting there that morning was a little bit slow because first, we got our transfer call and that was bit distracting, then we missed our stop on the bus and had to walk a long way. But in the end we make it to this lady's street. As we are about to turn onto her street, she walks right in front of us, leaving her house on the way to the market! The Lord literally made it possible so our paths would cross. We were able to talk with her there on the street and she shared with us some personal family problems she has been having and she just really needed comfort in that exact moment that we met her. She told us that she wasn't going to come to church for a little while just to let things calm down and we were able to talk with her about how going to church is the thing that will help her the very most in this moment! It was a beautiful moment that the Lord gave us and taught me that He truly cares about each one of His children. She told us that she had left the house earlier but decided to go back up to grab an umbrella and if she hadn't done that, we wouldn't have met! It was truly the hand of the Lord and He truly put this struggling sister in our path.

This week was quite interesting because we spent most of it without a phone! When we went to bed on Friday night, we plugged in our working phone and then when we woke up on Saturday it was no longer working. Doesn't even turn on, nothing...just a black screen. So yeahhhhh we have been phone-less for quite a few days which makes missionary work quite difficult. We have been having to borrow the other Sorelle's phone when they are home but during the day we are just out of luck. It is making me really grateful for technology and also I am learning the importance of keeping our records updated! Because now that our phone is gone so are all of our numbers! It has made life interesting, that is for sure.

In other news...we got our transfer call this week! Let's just say that I was a bit surprised but I also kind of thought it would happen. Due to the lack of new sisters coming into the mission and the large amount of sisters going home this transfer, the mission had to close three companionships of sisters. One of these three companionships is the other Torino ward. So they took away that companionship and now I will be with Sorella Taylor, one of the sisters that was serving in the other ward. The other sister in the closed companionship is going to another city and Sorella Nedelkov is headed home. So that means that Sorella Taylor and I will be over both wards, which is going to make things a little bit crazy! We are going to focus more on the work here in our ward because there are 4 other anziani in the other ward but we will still work with all of their investigators and less actives and do some member work. It should make things quite exciting and busy but I am excited for the change! It is the exact thing I needed for my last transfer, I think. Just like that little drive and push and a little bit of a change! It will be good and I am excited to see how it will all work out!

That is about all I have for today! You are all the greatest and wish you the happiest week during this beautiful Christmas season!
Sorella Burt
yaaaaaaaaay for Christmas!! #ènatounSalvatore

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