Monday, November 23, 2015


Ciao a tutti!

We had a good week this week! Sorry again that last week I sent like the worst email on the face of the planet. I learned my lesson and am starting with the main email this week! This we started a new transfer, the weather got super cold, we saw a guy got robbed on the bus, I made a drastic decision that I still can't decide if I regret, we saw miracles, we met with some great member families, we did some finding with one of our members, and handed out SO many fliers for the new "Conosci I Mormoni" film or "Meet the Mormons" that is finally in Italian! It was a good good week. Most importantly, I feel like we laughed a lot. Things didn't go perfectly but we were just happy and that made all the difference.

I'll start off with one miracle that I would like to share with you from our week. This was one of those beautiful pre-weekly planning finding miracle! I have truly gained a testimony of that 30-60 minutes of finding that we are asked to do before planning because we have truly seen miracles. We went out to a certain street that we had previously thought of and as we were walking down the street, we see two men up ahead standing at a bus stop. Since we have been trying especially hard to be super brave and talk to everrrrrrrrry person no matter if they are men, they didn't scare us a single bit! Without discussing what we would do, as we approached the men, Sorella Nedelkov started talking to the man to her right and I started talking with the other man. It turns out that these two men were both super bravi and we both had really great conversations with them! The man I was talking to told me that he has been wanting to go to church but hasn't because he doesn't know anyone and doesn't know where to go. I explained that he is welcome to come to our church and that there we are as a large family with many friends waiting to be made! He was excited to come and to learn more and at the end when I asked if there was something I could pray for in his life, he told me that he really really wants to quit smoking. I bore my testimony on how I know that through the help of the Savior we can overcome anything. It was a really neat moment and I got his phone number and he said that next week he will come to church. Sorella Nedelkov had a really great conversation as well and we walked away from those two men knowing without doubt that we were supposed to meet them in that short amount of time that we had. The Lord literally placed them in our paths. I love The Lord! I say it time and time again, but He literally makes us instruments in His hands.

Two quick funny/crazy stories from the week: first, as I mentioned above we witnessed a little robbery first hand on the bus and it was some intense stuff! two teenage gangster boys stole a guys phone out of his pocket and when the bus stopped, they got off but luckily the guy noticed and got off and started yelling and shoving these two boys. Another courageous bystander jumps in to assist the man in getting his phone back and tells the bus driver not to drive away. Meanwhile everyone on the bus is just freaking out/shaking their heads/mumbling under their breaths things like "what is this world coming to." The man gets the phone back and hops back on the bus to face an entire bus pretty much just in straight awe at what had happened, treating this man like he had just saved the world. We all clutched our bags a little tighter after this and it was a good reminder that there are silly people that do silly things. hahaha but yeah it was just an intense little moment. second story happened the other day as we were trying to get to the church for correlation...we were running late but we had to run home to grab our one and only bike to take it to the church because the ward is going to fix up that one along with the new one they are giving us. We live about a 45 minute walk away from the church, a 15 minute bike ride and like a 20 minute bus ride. Having to take the bike but only having one, we tried to have one ride on the back but that didn't work...feeling desperate I had the brilliant idea of having one ride the bike and the other jog along side it all the way to the church, switching off when the runner got tired. Keep in mind we are sister missionaries so we are wearing skirts and boots and just not the best running gear in the world....we did this all the way to the church, run, switch, ride, run, switch ride, and we were just suuuuuuper tired by the time we got there. We make it literally only one minute late and then we look at the phone to see that the correlation was cancelled...naturally. Everything cancels on us, even correlation! We ran all the way to the church for nothing...but at least we got a good laugh and a good exercise out of it!

Other then that this week...we have really been trying to hand out as many "Conosci i Mormoni" cards as we can because it is free to watch it in Italian only until the end of the week. That has been a really cool opportunity for us to try and help people understand who mormons really are! Everyone thinks that we are the ones with lots of wives or without technology but we are here to show the world who we really are! We have had some really good experiences with it! We have also been visiting more member families lately in effort to really strive to strengthen our ward and get them excited about the work. We have had some really good experiences with that and we feel the ward coming together a little bit more and getting excited about the work! One of our cute little members from Ecuador came out and did some finding with us for like an hour the other day and it was just the greatest experience, for her and for us! Members make all the difference!

And last but not least, I made a drastic decision this week in the evening when one of the girls we live with just really wanted to cut my hair and give me bangs...idk if it was just a weak moment or if I am just getting careless about somethings but I agreed, honestly without thinking too much about it. so yup that is that. I have bangs and I like literally think I hate myself for it. but whatev I guess I learned that we have to live with the consequences of our actions! I will send pics. don't judge. or hate. ha

Kay well I love you all so very much! I hope you have a great week and remember that Jesus Loves YOU!!!!
Alma 37:36-37
Con tanto amore,
Sorella Burt

This is the adorable Sammaccica family! I literally adore them so
much! Mom, they want Laura's husbands information so that they can
write to him :)

This is the adorable Sammaccica family! Our good friend's husband (Jim Korth) baptized him over 30 years ago.

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