Sunday, December 6, 2015


Thanks for being the greatest. I love you allllllllll. This week was good! it was a little bit super busy with scambios, zone conference, stake conference and what not! We spent a lot of time on trains going to scambio but it was still really good! It is freezing cold now but don't worry i now wear two coats so i am nice and warm. I still need to find some gloves though!

This week, our greatest miracle was with a new Investigator named L.! She is actually the friend of a member. This member has been bringing her friend to church on and off for a little bit now but L. has been a little bit too timid to meet with us until now. We were finally able to set up an appointment with her. Unfortunately, her friend moved back to Peru, but she still met with us! We were able to teach a wonderful Restoration lesson to L. and really get to know her and her story. It turns out that since she was little she has been in contact with many members of the church-missionaries and also just friends of hers that have been members-in Peru and also here in Italy. We were amazed as she told us about all of the friends and encounters she has had with members because she has literally been prepared, step by step, little by little over the years! One of her Mormon friends told her to meet with us and so now she feels like she is ready! She is amazing and honestly has a real desire to learn. She told us that she really wanted a copy of the Book of Mormon and begged her friends for like 2 months before they finally gave her one! She had already started reading by the time we met with her but she wants to start over from the beginning now that she knows the story of the Restoration. She is 19 years old and really searching for the truth. She has a firm belief in God and in the fact that He will answer her prayers. It was a beautiful miracle to find someone that prepared. We were very excited and hope that all goes well! We have started doing the publicity for the new Christmas film #ÈnatounSalvatore and that has been really fun! we got the cute new pass along cards that i just love and have so far already seen some good success in the past few days. I am so excited to just go crazy this Christmas season and truly help everything JOY in the birth of our Savior.

Yesterday i had a beautiful moment when we were out doing some finding. I was on scambio with a sister from Argentina and we were with a 15 year old member that is just amazing and wants to serve a mission. We were talking to a Romanian lady named O. that was sitting on a bench. We had showed her the new video and i had born my testimony of the Savior and who He is for me. I turned to Sorella Sirena and as i listened to her bear her powerful and simple testimony and then as G. did the same thing, the spirit hit me with such a great and simple power. In that moment i felt the joy of what we are doing. I felt so much peace and i was just in awe at the fact that we testify of our Savior all day everyday. I realized that every moment is precious and the spirit witnessed to me that our little part is making a difference. O. felt the spirit yesterday and in that moment i felt a renewed sense of just absolute love for my Savior and for the opportunity that i have to take part in this marvelous work. It was a simple but very special moment for me. Each moment is precious and i feel so much gratitude for each one i have as a representative of the Lord.
Thanksgiving Day Zone Conference

I love you all! we had a nice Thanksgiving, all is going well! We are just continuing to push forth and trust 100% in the Lord. Have a great week!
Sorella Burt

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