Wednesday, June 3, 2015

New Adventures

Greetings from the grande città we like to call MILANO. Holy moly. Sooooo much has changed and happened and has been learned since we last talked it is s bit CRAZY to think that just one week ago I was in Trieste. Mannnnn. Okkkkkay so to start off leaving Trieste was probably one of the hardest things everrrrrr but actually coming to Milano has probably been a bit harder. There are just so many changes, so many new things to learn, to do, to get used is all a bit overwhelming. To be honest I had a pretty hard week. I was exhausted after my trip from Trieste because I hardly slept the night before and it is a long trip...and that exhaustion plus everything else put together equals a lot of hardness and tears. Milano is huuuuuuge but it is split into 3 different wards, and then there are eight missionaries serving in our ward!! Also the Milano Navigli ward is the ward that President Dibb is
in so that is fun. He doesn't come super often because he travels often and what not but this past Sunday he was definitely there! It was terrifying because I had to share my testimony in front of the whole ward and prez and so yeah that was fun. Milano is pretty much exactly what you think of when you think of a big city. We use the metro, there are TONS of people, the majority of which are from different countries (probably not true but that is what it seems like), it is suuuuuper hot and busy and the cars just drive crazy and never stop for pedestrians. It has been a big adjustment from the beautiful little dreamland of Trieste...but I am sure with time I will love it!

The work here is really good though, we have people to teach and they have had a lot of baptisms in the last few months. I am still trying to figure out everything, names and who is who and everything which is not an easy task! Plus learning the how to use the metro will take some time! There are just so many different lines and stops and ahhhh lots of stuff. Annnnnd Sorella Boscia...she is wonderful! I really love her but it has been quite the adjustment to be speaking ONLY Italian 24/7. It is good for me, I will learn and progress a ton in the language, but it is still a bit tough! I just have a hard time truly being myself and expressing myself fully in Italian, but i suppose that will come! It is pretty weird, like the other day I went through an entire day without speaking a single English word...haha what an experience! It is also weird to go from being with the same companion for 4 1/2 months to suddenly being with someone different. Everyone, naturally, does things different and it will take time to get used to it and to mesh our ideas and ways of doing things. But I absolutely love Sorella Boscia and have already learned sooooo much from her. She is extremely wise and just a very loving and giving person. It will be a good transfer for sure!
Me and my new companion - Sorella Boscia
Yesterday and the day before we did our first scambio with some Sorelle in our zone. I was a tinsy bit nervous with it being my first one as an STL, but it ended up being a realllllly great scambio and was exactly what I needed. The days before that I had been struggling with a bunch of things that were going on and to be able to go to a different city and get a new perspective on things really helped me! I LOVE being able to meet new Sorelle and help them in any way that I can. It is funny because I am supposed to help them learn, but I felt like I learned way more then what I did for her. Ahhhhh, it's just sooooo neat the enormous amount of things that are available for us to learn our here on the mission. They just keep on comin! This week I learned first hand the vital importance of our relationship with our Father in Heaven. I know that when we feel like we are alone and maybe don't have someone to talk to...I can testify that we can always talk to Him and He will ALWAYS listen. I am learning more and more how to trust in Him and in His plan for each one of us and how perfect it is. There is always something new to learn, in every situation.

 We have seen some wonderful miracles this week, i lovvvvve doing finding on the metro and the different people that are here! It is so diverse and I love that. Our ward is made up mainly of people from South America so that is really fun! Dad, there are a lot of people from Ecuador which is super fun and makes me think of you every time! I love this opportunity to get to know new people and have new adventures and learn about new cultures! Man, it is just too much fun. There are also lottttts of parks in Milano which make for great places to find wonderful people. I swear, all the nice people sit in parks. Word to the wise...if ya wanna be nice, go sit in a park! Anwayyyyys ya that is kind of what is going on currently! Lots of crazy things and what not, but overall I am humbled. I marvel at this glorious message of the Restored gospel that we get to spread to God's children ALL over the world. Recognize the miracles and then thank the source of ALL things beautiful. I love you all with my whoooooole heart plus more! Have a splendid week and don't forget to smile!!
Sorella Burt

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