Thursday, May 28, 2015

Turnin' the Page

Heyyyyyyy everyone!
I would just like to quickly mention to you all the small fact that Sorella Hawks and I are currently sitting outside under the shade eating gelato and emailing on our uh yea we are feeling
pretty cool right about now. Not sure how I feel about the whole iPad thing for emailing it is kind of hard to type buuuuuut whatev  it is wayyyy better then a stinky internet point! Well I bet that you are all dying to know the big news and I am dyyyyyyying to tell you all!! This is what happened...
It is Friday night, the night before transfer calls (they normally come Saturday morning but sometimes they call you early if the news is big) So it is Friday night and we had just finished sending our nightly text and I was writing in my journal when the phone starts ringing. It says that it is the mission office and it doesn't really register in my mind that that is a big deal. I answer the phone and it is one of the Assistants. He asks if he is talking with Sorella Burt and I my heart is like pounding and I am like what is going on? He then tells me that I have been called to serve as a Sister Training Leader in the Milano, Navigli ward and that my new
companion would be Sorella Boscia- an Italian from Sicily! I was like completely in shock.  buuuuuuut ya that's the big news! Milan here I come!! I am a tinsy bit overwhelmed with this new call...with the new responsibilities and experiences it will bring-especially because I am
still relatively new in the mission and have been feeling all the various feelings of inadequacy and what not. BUT I know for sure, with all my heart, that this is the will of The Lord and Milano is where I am needed right now. I am realllllllllly excited about the fact that my new companion is Italian and will be able to help me improve a lot in the language. Sorella Hawks did an exchange with her for a day in her first area and she says that she is absolutely wonderful and that we will get along really well! This will be her last transfer in the mission and she is like in her 30's!! So yeah I am really excited about the opportunity that I have to learn from someone very experienced and old in the mission. I have a lot to learn and this will be a wonderful way for me to do that! I have also heard that my new ward, Navigli, is the highest baptizing ward in the whole mission and that the work is just booming there! So just so you all know, there are three different areas in Milano...three different wards and lots of missionaries. I am not really sure which part of Milano exactly is Navigli but I have been there once when I was in Pavia. I did an exchange there for one day and it seemed pretty nice! Milano is going to be a biiiiiig change from Trieste. It is HUGE and there are like soooooooo many people. Also Milano is like deathly hot in the summer and that is exactly the months I will be yay I will probs die. But anyyyyyways that is that. I leave tomorrow morning at like 6:30 on a strait train ride to 5 hours long. I am super excited but suuuuuuper exhausted and not ready at all. These last few days have been CRAZY, we have just been running around everywhere trying to say bye to people and get everything ready. It has been realllllly hard on me. I am SO sad to be leaving this place. I cannot even begin to describe the love that I have for these people and this city and my incredible companion. I have had the time of my
life here and am not even close to the person I was when I got here. I always heard about people that would say how they fell in love with the people and leaving them was like unbearable...and I finally
understand why. These Triestini are special people. They know how to love, how to serve, and how to share the gospel. I am just so incredibly grateful to my Father in Heaven for the incredible six
months that he has given me to serve here. It hasn't all been easy and beautiful. We have gone through the hardest of the hard but also have seen the most incredible blessings and miracles being poured out of heaven from our Father to bless His children. This place and these experiences will forever remain in my heart. Like they always say...good things have to come to an end, and this is my end. I am excited for the adventures that lie ahead for me in Milano and for the people I will meet and the miracles that await. I am extremely humbled by the opportunity that I will have to serve the sisters in my new zone and to help them in whatever why I can. I have found a lot of comfort in the classic scripture 1 Nephi 3:7 these past few days. I KNOW that Heavenly Father doesn't call us to do things that we cannot handle and I know that He will and is preparing a way for me to do His will in all things. I love Him, He knows me perfectly and I love His work and this incredible opportunity I have to be a part of His glorious work. I hope you all are well! I love you soooooo much!

Con amore,
Sorella Burt

I have soooooooo many pics I wanted to send but the computer at the
church wasn't working so I can't. Hopefully next week!! :)

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