Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Lots of learnin'

Buon Giorno a tutti!
What a crazy wonderful week here in Milano. I love it more and more each day and am slowly starting to get a hang of everything being so new and such. It is exciting to be in Milano, in the know...every day is just something new and exciting! I love it. I have learned and grown loads this week and my testimony of the power of prayer and fasting has grown immensely.

Soooo this week was kind of a whirlwind. It was a little bit hard at the beginning, still trying to get used to everything, ..and was honestly having a really hard time. It was hard because I felt a bit as I did when I was a greenie... I hated that and definitely felt like I changed and was able to be myself when I was in Trieste. I want to talk and teach and be a part of this work and I want to be able to be myself and truly help these people! So yeah I was just having a roughhhh time with that.  I prayed a LOT that I would know what to do. We had fast Sunday and literally that is the day that everything changed. It has been absolutely incredible to see the differences and to see how i have been able to follow the spirit and say and do things to improve my situation and to feel better! Things are going WONDERFULLY now. I don't really know how to describe it but the difference is night and day. We are learning how to work together and I am learning the importance of being bold and always voicing my opinion. It is amazing, the power of prayer is so real and I can truly testify of the fact that our loving Heavenly Father knows us perfectly and gives us certain situations so that we can learn how to overcome them. We are working really hard and seeing miracles. The work here isn't as great as I had heard, we are struggling finding people to teach but they will come, I know that for sure. I am excited to see the work grow! It is really cool because we are actually teaching the cousin of Sorella Boscia that lives here in Milano..she actually has a baptismal date so that is really cool! Another testament that we are sent exactly where we are supposed to! She is meant to be here so that she can help her family!! So cooooool. I loooooooove Sorella Bosica with all my heart, we get along so well and woah, I learn SO much from her daily! We literally eat only pizza and pasta...she is a master cook. Mom asked what I normally eat for meals...breakfast is cereal and then lunch is pasta or pizza usually :)

Okkkkkkkay COOLEST THING EVER. so you all know how my old coach Kent Hercules lives in Switzerland? Well I get to go to Switzerland tomorrow for an exchange with the sisters there. The sisters that are serving there called us the other night to tell me that they have a surprise for me! They set up a dinner appointment with entire Hercules family for the night that I am going to be there!! The girls are there visiting for a little so it is just perrrrrfect timing!! So tomorrow I get to go to their house for dinner!!! Man I am just soooooo excited! What a beautiful tender mercy. I will send you all pics next week for sure.

Dad also asked about cars in the mission...all the zone leaders have cars and only one sister training leader has a car for right now. They might change it in the future but for now that is how it is. That is about all I have for right now. I am loving every minute I have here and just soaking up every opportunity that I have to learn and to grow. It is incredible how much we learn here! Thanks for everything.

Sorella Burt

Me and Sorella Griffin. She was on Kent Hercules' soccer team with me. She is serving in Milano in another ward. We had PDay together and then this guy photobombed us.
My Italian grandma

One of my friends from Trieste

One of my good friends

Me and Sorella Boscia - I have so much love for this beautiful gal
So much LOVE for this lady!!

One of my favorite families

LOVE and miss the girl so very much

I am holding a baby kitten close yet so far

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