Thursday, May 14, 2015

Grace and a Baptism

Welp since I just talked to you all like a few days ago...(which was magical, btw I have the coolest fam evvvvvver) this might be a brief lil' email!

Things are going good still in our little corner of Italy. The miracles are still coming in and we are feeling just oh so very happy to be a part of this glorious work.
Saturday was probably just the best dayyyyyy I have had in a really long time. It started in the morning with a lesson with our cute investigator, F., and our stellar ward mission leader, B. We kind of needed it to be a little bit of a breakthrough lesson and that, it definitely was! We had planned to talk about Ether 12 and about faith and weaknesses and also to more clearly define our purpose as missionaries. She is just very catholic and we weren't sure if she was meeting with us just for fun and she thought we were cool or she actually had interest in taking it farther. She is 23 and our ward mission leader is around that same age and still has his missionary fire. I cannot really explain the lesson very well but we will just say that it was wonnnnnnderful and the spirit was present and forte! We were really able to break through some barriers and she really opened up to us. We were able to clear up our purpose and get down to why we really are here and how much we love and want to help her overcome the things she is struggling with. It was just beautiful and we ended up inviting her to the baptism of G. that was later that afternoon. She was a little bit scared about coming and stuff but B. was a stud and just helped her feel at peace with it. Thennnnnn she actually CAME. It was huge and we were suuuuuuper stoked! She was able to make really good friendships with the GANS (young single adults...) They are super awesome in this ward and just welcomed her with open arms. she LOVED it.

 The baptism itself was probably one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen and def shed lots of tears. So many people in the ward came to support him and it was just a truly special occasion. G. is one of the most elect humans I have ever met. I wish you could all know him. I am sooooo grateful for that day many months ago that we followed the prompting to call people from the area book and that we could play a tiny part in his amazing story. I am grateful that we continued trying to meet with him even when he cancelled and moved our appointments. I am grateful for the timing of the Lord and for the opportunity that we have to be instruments in His hands. If we are just striving to do our best, He helps us do things that we could never do on our own. I have been studying a lot about weakness vs. sin. We all have human weakness through which we have the opportunity to become better, more like our Savior. Grace, not forgiveness, is the remedy for all human weakness. The grace of God is an enabling power from Him so that we can do things that we could never do on our own. We are all fallen humans in our fallen state and only through the grace of God can we overcome our weaknesses and be saved one day. He turns us into beings far greater then we could ever do on our own. I am grateful for the chance I have in this life to work each day--striving to be humble and have faith--so that I can have access to God's grace and overcome my shortcomings...and help others along the way do the same! It is such a beautiful thing!

I could not be happier to be our here in the service of the children of our Heavenly Father. His hand is ever so present in this work and in each and evvvvvery life of each and every one of God's precious children! Take a moment today to recognize His hand, and then show Him how grateful you are through your thoughts, words, and deeds!
Love you so much!!!
Sorella Burt


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