Friday, May 8, 2015

Hump Day

Welp y'all howdyyyyyy ho ho.
Today I have been on my mission for exactly nine months which equals halfway which makes me want to throw up a little. That fact definitely does not feel like a reality but indeed, it is. Thanks for the hump day wishes (mostly just from mom) and also for the package! I have yet to open it because i am waiting until tonight for some strange reason, but i am already grateful for whatever it contains :)
We have had a super beautiful week full of beautiful things...obviously! Like hi we are engaged in the work of the Lord so of course it is going to be beautiful. The miracles are flying in and i don't really know where to start...probably with just saying how grateful I am. We are being far blessed then we probably deserve and I know that Heavenly Father sees our hearts combined with our efforts. He is just waiting to bless us, we just first must do our part. That is when the miracles come. Our investigators are doing well and we were able to find some new really solid ones this week as well! A. is still happy and healthy and stoked to enter the waters of baptism in a little over a week. P. is as cute as ever and actually CAME TO CHURCH this week for the very first time!!! It was such a hugggggge miracle because we didn't think that she was going to come and then we got there and she was there in a skirt that we gave her and everrrrrrything! She is just adorbs. She very much enjoyed her time at church and the members were just super wonderful and welcoming! She just says that she is wayyyyy happier then she has ever been and she knows that it is true. We are very excited for her, but the only problem is that she feels like she needs to know EVERYTHING before she can be baptized. like she always says she wants to wait yearsssss and we are like...uh no you don't have to know everything! We have been studying this stuff our whole lives and STILL are not even close to knowing it all. She is cute but i think it will just take some time.

Oooooo this week i also witnessed my first wedding ever, so that was exciting. It was just one of our cute members and she was just suuuuuuper happy and it was just a nice simple little experience!
Also a fun thing we did this week was go to a little pizzeria for a relief society activity! We got there a little late but there was just this huuuuuuge long table that took up like the entire restaurant FULL of ladies from our ward and their friends! It was such a wonderful time and the pizza was probably the best i have had yet (non homemade) i just have to of course we go eat pizza for a relief society activity #italians I just loooooove all the ladies and one of them even paid for our pizza and other shared her dessert with us! SO great.

Okkkkkkkay so now for the good stuff, MIRACOLI.
-okay so there is this woman named G. that me and Sorella Nedelkov met TONS of months ago back when i first got here. She was nice but we just haven't had the chance to see her...until THIS week. We met her on a street and sat on a bench and just had the most wonderful time with her! she is from Peru but has lived here in Italy for like 10 years. Her love and testimony of God just beams from her face and she is just incredible. It turns out that she went to an LDS church in Peru when she was little for like 3 years and has had a lot of experiences with our church in the past! It was a huge miracle for us and she is just reallllllly wonderful. Unfortunately she is super busy but we gave her a BOM and she told us that she would read it today and told us to text her tomorrrow to see how it went. Super rad.
-We were at the church the other day for a lesson and as we were leaving a man named C. walked in wanting to see the church and learn more...we were like, uh okay yeah i guess that's fine....haha JK we were like freaking out! That like nevvvver happens, he was just on a morning stroll and saw the church SO COOL.
-Another woman named S. that we met on the street last week is all the sudden superrrrrr awesome and interested..(okay i am sure she has always been super awesome...but ya ha) we taught her the Restoration the other day and gave her a BOM and she was just SO excited to see us again! She told us that she already found some answers while we were teaching her and that she will start reading the book of mormon. It was just really neat and she is very open and ready! It was just the first lesson, but we hope it goes well! and we are seeing her tomorrow!!

okay there are more but i am going to end there. It has just been soooo happy around here lately! We did an exchange with our STL's this week and so Sorella Gillespie came here to Trieste with me. It was my favorite exchange probably EVER and I learned so much from her. she helped me overcome some small little fears and I helped her with something she has been struggling with. It is such a beautiful thing to be able to learn and grow from other missionaries and people. I am so grateful for all the people in my mission orbit...the members, missionaries, investigators, random people EVERYWHERE. it is just such a cool feeling to know that all these people are placed in my life right now for a very specific purpose. I know that i am being watched over and that the things i am going through and learning are exactly for me. right here. right now. I am really learning the power of being positive and of PRAYER. it is real and i am so grateful. There are a million things i am learning and that are beautiful. Too many too name.
SO excited to see you all in a few days!!! It is gonna ruuuuule.
also, as a side note, we went to Venice that was cool, i guess. :)

Sorella Burt

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