Tuesday, April 7, 2015


It is an absolutely beautiful day here in Trieste! The sun is out and spring is most definitely in full swing. No coat necessary! Horray. The happiness of Easter time is here and we are lovin' up every minute! This week was great for us, and we are really getting into the Easter spirit! You all have probs heard/seen the video that the church made for Easter this year...out here we call it Perchè Egli Vive! Our mission president asked us to take time these weeks before Easter to visit each member in our ward for 15 minutes and explain to them how they can share this beautiful Easter message with their friends and loved ones...and we have done just that! We have gone into the homes of almost all of our members and spent a little bit of time talking with them about what we need to do in our lives Because HE LIVES. The happiness that we have in our lives is because of our Savior and what He did for us. He lives, and SO WILL WE. Many people believe in Jesus and in the Resurrection but many do not understand that we will ALL have the same opportunity. Our Savior made it possible for us to return to live with our Heavenly Father, what a beautiful message! This Easter i have really come to realize why we have this holiday and have been able to come closer to my Savior while helping others do the same. We need to remember the WHY behind the festivities and make that our foucs. The JOY it brings in unreal! Due to the holidays, it has been difficult to make appointments and such..everyone just does the classic,"after the holidays" sooooo that makes things rough! But its okkkkkkay the beautiful weather makes for some great finding :)
We had a wonderful little exchange with our sister training leaders this week. I went to Mestre and was able to spend a day with the beautiful Sorella Gillespie! It was such a dream. I have sent pics of her before, but we were in the same district in Pavia and just like love each otherrrrrr, so it was just wonderful. We were able to see some cool miracles while doing some finding on a tram so that ruled. I love the opportunities that we have to learn from other missionaries. I think i was having some sort of self confidence issues or something, but Sorella Gillespie cured um right up! She just showers me with so much love and compliments me allllll the time. The wonderful thing is that she means it, and it was just the exact thing i needed. I learned that i still need to not be so hard on myself and that I am actually a good person and a good missionary! It was just a happy time.
I absolutely lovvvvvvve the members here. Holy moly. If i ever have to leave this place, i dont think it will be possible. They are just so deeply planted in my heart! It has been really neat because in the time since i have been here, i have really been able to see the love and trust of the members in us as missionaries grow a ton! They actually love us and it is just wonderful. Sorella Hawks and I started sending a nightly scripture text to all of the members/less actives/investigators a while back and I think that has really helped gain their trust. We visited one of our fave families this week, The G. family, and they just spent like 5 solid minutes talking about how much they love us and don't want us to leave and how all missionaries are great but we are special. awh that just melted my heart in so many different pieces. One of our other GREAT members delievered breakfast to our appartment the other day...fresh baked goods from the bakery! sooooooo great. and another member gave Sorella Hawks a turtle made of chocolate for her birthday...haha Italians show their love with food.
Yesterday we saw a lil' miracle in the parkkkkkkk, so that was great! We talked to this little lady from Romania named M. She was very kind and in agreeance with what we were saying but not super into the convo. We asked her if we could offer a quick prayer for her and she agreed. After we prayed her attitude towards us completely changed and she said she felt goosebumps and jsut really happy...aka the spirit! It was just really neat and you could totally tell that she felt the spirit. The power of prayer is real and I love helping people realize that they can actually talk with their Father in Heaven! Introducing people to prayer and to feeling the spirit is the best thing evaaaaaaa.
I am happy things are swellllllll. We went to a SUPER large cave today called Grotta Gigante...once upon a time it was in the Guinuess Book of world records, so thats pretty cool i guess!
We also talked to the cutest little lady from Peru yesterday...well she talked in Spanish and we talked in Italian...it was just the funnest little language barrier experience! It is so cool how much we can understand.
Yesterday our asian English class student, M., gave us oragami cranes that can flap their wings so that was definitely a highlight.
I love you all and hope you are happy! Life is good, make the most of every moment!

Con amore e Buona Pasqua!!
Sorella Burt

annnnnnnd just so you all know....all of Sorella Hawks' pics got earased at this crappy internet point last week...so i wont be sending pics until we find somewhere safer! Sorry

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