Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Exiting the Struggle Bus

Ummmmmm, okay. Hi everyone. This was literally the most wonderful week EVER. I will just start by saying that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel and that when we continue forward with patience and faith, the miracles and blessings WILL come. The last few months we have been cruising along on the struggle bus, but this week we finally started to exit it. Miracles have been falling out of no where and I literally could NOT be happier. The Lord prepares us for things. Everything we go for really DOES have a purpose. He knows what we need, and He always blesses us when we continue forward, putting our trust in Him.
I am just going to make a miracle list because this week was full of um!

First miracle happened the other morning when we were doing some finding work in a park near our house. There was literally one human in this park, so we talked to her. Her name is P. and she ruled right from the get go, telling us that she had talked to some Elders in the past. She told us that she has been studying with the JWs but she doesn't like them...she is just really searching for the truth and wants to know which church is right!! She even asked the beauitful question called, "why are there so many churches on the earth?" we were like...uh....GOOD QUESTION. then launched into the Restoration. It ruled and she just ate it all up. We were able to set up another appointment with her and yesterday we met her in the park again and taught her about the Book of Mormon a little more. She was like...uhhhh what do i have to do to get that book, i want to read it!!! When we told her it was hers for free, she was so excited to go home and study it!! MIRACLES. Seriously. We invited her to church and she really wants to come but says she has to find a skirt first...awh she is just so adorable. We are super stoked about it!

Number 2. One of our awesome members, N....she is like in her 60's and calls us her little babies. She just lovesssssss us and we love her just as much if not WAY more. awh. Anywayyyyys she is just super boss and has been trying to share the gospel with her sister for LOTS of years without much success. This week she said that she just felt like it was time to try again, so she called up her sister to see if she could bring the missionaries over and her sister agreed! So we went over there with her and had a beautiful lesson with her sister, G., and her husband C. They are so cute. We taught a simple lesson about the nature of God and how we can talk with Him. We also talked a little about the plan of salvation and the spirit was very special and strong! N. helped soooooo much, I gained a large testimony of member present lessons. they help sooooo much! by the end of the lesson, C. said....I actually learned something new today, i have never heard about that pre life thing! It was just a very special lesson and they were both so cute and receptive. They accepted our invitation to pray and afterwards N. told us that she really feels like it is the right moment for them! YAY.

#3 We had a little bit of time before an appointment with one of our less actives so we decided to do some street finding. We were just walking along and I stopped a lady who was frantically fumbling through her purse looking for something. We started talking with her and at the beginning she was not very engaged and seemed very distracted. But as we started talking to her more, she totally opened up. Her name is A. and she is from Brasile. She told us that she has been struggling hardcore with a gambling addiction...she called it a sickness and it is literally taking over her. She told us that she wants to fix it but has no idea how. She was desperate and sad. As we testified about the power of our message and how we know that she can overcome this through the Savior, the spirit was so very strong. She had tears in her eyes as we offered a quick prayer, asking Heavenly Father to help her and to give her strength. She told us that we were her angels and how she knows that this is her solution. It was the most incredible experience EVER. she told us to call her soon, that she just really needs our help. We walked away from her and felt an overwhelming sense of gratitude for the fact that we actually found someone that needs and wants our help. I know that Heavenly Father placed her in our path for a reason and we are very excited to help her see how this gospel can and will change her life.

Numero quattro. We had a suuuuuuper great lesson with a new investigator that we found on the street a few weeks ago! Her name is F. and she is 23. We brought one of our stellar members, M., and the lesson went really well! she had a lot of questions and it was great to have M. there because he has a catholic background and was able to explain a lot of things to her better then we could. She told us that she felt like we all have something different, and she likes it! We were super stoked. It just feels good to actually be teaching people and helping them come unto Christ. I loved this week because I just truly feel like a missionary. I feel like I am becoming an instrument in the hands of God and it is such a wonderful feeling!
Many more things happened, but these are probably the high lights. It was just SUCH A GREAT WEEK. literally cannot describe it! I am just overwhelmed with happy feelings and my testimony has grown like 100X stronger. I know that everything happens for a reason and that sometimes we don't feel like things are ever going to get better...but then they do and then you realize that you have grown soooo much. This is the craziest, up and down journey, but I wouldn't trade it for anything. I am so grateful to be out here in this beautiful country working as a part of the Lord's army to bring His children back. Each day I just get so excited to step outside and tell people why I am so happy and that they can find that happiness as well. This is the most wonderful work, and it always goes forth!
Love you all!
Alla prossima,
Sorella Burt

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