Thursday, April 9, 2015

Conference RULZZZZ and lots of pics

Hello Everybody! Like always, it is so wonderful to hear from you all. Sounds like everyone had a good Easter/Conference weekend and that we all learned lots of beautiful things! MAN, Conference is just the BEST, isn't it? Everything went smoothly this time around for Conference! We were able to watch all the sessions except for the Sunday afternoon because they were showing it live at like 10 pm. But all the rest of the sessions RULED. Like seriously. It is amazing to me that conference is just SO good every single time. That is when you know that it is true and that they don't make this stuff up! It is direct revelation from our Heavenly Father for US specifically and individually. I love the fact that we each get what we need personally out of the talks and that they apply to each of us in a different, special way! Ah. just too good. Like they said...the gospel is like a fountain of knowledge that NEVER runs dry! There is always more to learn, always more to do, and alwayyyyyys something that we can improve on! I had prepared myself with a few specific questions and went into conference searching for the answers. Every single one was answered. Man, Heavenly Father knows us. He loves us. And He answers our prayers! Some things I really liked specifically were Whitney Clayton's talk about faith and belief. He said that each day is a test that we must decide if we want to follow our Savior...even if we feel like we are in the dark and the light is no where to be seen, we can CHOOSE to believe and then act on that belief. Each day we choose and the light of Chirst is constant. I also loved President Uchtdorf's talk about the grace of God. We cannot and will not ever be perfect in this life...but we CAN grasp the grace of God and hold firm to the Atonement of Christ. Often times we get down on ourselves because we feel like we are not good enough and that we will never measure up...and in reality we will not! But with the grace of God, we can be saved and over time we can become perfected. He just asks that we just TRY our best! I loved what Dale G. Renlund said..the church is like a big hospital...we are all sick in some way and we come here to get help! The power of Christ's Atonement can cure any sickness, and through Him we can become perfected. We need not get down on ourselves or ever feel like we are alone in this. We are NEVER alone and we are worth soooooo much in the sight of God. We just need to keep trying our very best, and He will take care of the rest!! I obviously could go on and on about what I learned from Conference...but the important thing is that each and every one of us take what we learned and what we felt and actually put it into practice in our lives. That is when it makes a difference. That is how we improve and grow as human beings!
Our current district on a little district walk

Other than conference...our week wasn't too terribly exciting! We were at the church for a lot of the time, with different activities and such for the holidays! Here in Italy they have Pasqua (Easter) and the Monday after is called Pasquetta (which literally means little easter..ha) It is pretty much just another excuse for the Italians to get together and have a party and eat more food! I swear they just make up little holidays here and there just so they can get a day off work and eat tonnnnns of food! ha We went to the church for a little BBQ on pasquetta, and that was really fun! we had a few non members there and quite a few less actives so that was neat! A cool little thing also happened during our little Pasqua weekend...on Saturday we were just at the church watching conference and these two 20ish year olds walked in with these big backpacking packs on and sat down to watch conference. With this being a small bit strange, we asked them who they were and where they were from...turns out that they are from California and are just on a backpacking trip across Europe! They were lost and just happened to end up at our church. As we talked to them a little more, it turned out that the girl was actually a less active member and her boyfriend was not a member. They said that they had just been super lost all morning and had been walking for a super long time and they ended up right in front of our church! She recognized the formation of the words on the front of the church and they came in to try and see if they could get some help! It was suuuuuuper cool because they ended up staying for a whole day and watched Conference with us and came to the BBQ and we just became really great friends with them. The anziani taught the boy about the restoration and it was cool becuase i think that she really recognized that it was a miracle and that they found the church for a reason. We challenged them to attend church wherever they are heading next, and it was just really cool that they found our church...especially because it is like really far away and in a little secluded was definitely meant to be!
us and our coooooool backpacking california friends...they are living my DREAM
This week we started making progress with one of our investigators named A.. she is 14 years old and has been meeting with missionaries for quite a long time. She and one of her sisters are the only ones in their family that are not members and she is just wonderful! We have been trying to help her for quite some time and it is a really long story...but pretty much now she is ready for baptism! She is supppper brava and knows all the material and definitely has a real desire to be baptized and has a date for the next month! We are really excited to help her figure out some of her fears and stuff, but she is ready and we are stoked. Miracles.

We will find out about what is going to happen to us next transfer this Saturday sooooo it will be interesting! Everyone thinks that I am leaving..but you really never know! anything could happen. We had interviews with President Dibb this week and they went really well! We will seeeeeeeee, I suppose. I don't want to leave this place. I love it soooooo much.

Welp, I don't reallly have much else to say! we are still working on seeing our investigators and stuff, now that the holidays are over it should be a bit easier! Things are great and we are happy!
Have a wonderful week!
Sorella Burt

Our FAVE graffiti

The view from the Trieste castle

All of us after the exchange

Me with Sorella Gillespie - I LOVE her!

Our cute matching "Bora" t-shirts

they don't call it Grotta Gigante (giant cave)  for nothing!! 

The cave that we visited was 500 steps down and 500 steps up

Us in the large cave

Sorella Hawks first KEBAB!

Selfies in church with an awesome girl in our ward

Matching for Conference

Us and one of our FAV girls in the ward!

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