Monday, April 20, 2015

More Work to Be Done


As you all know, another transfer has come and gone. It is crazy how fast these things fly by. I feel like this last one just barely started and just like that, it is gone. We got our transfer call on Saturday...and we will just say that I was surprised. Evvvvvveryone has been pretty positive for quite some time that I would be the one to be transferred and I was pretty sure it was my time to go as well. Surprisingly enough just the opposite that I thought would happen, is happening. I GET ANOTHER IN TRIESTE! Holla. annnnnnnnd...the impossible happened, HAWKS AND I GET ANOTHER TOGETHER!!!! Crazy. We were shocked. It is extremely rare for anyone to get three transfers with the same companion, especially for the yeah, we were pleasantly surprised!
I love this mural!
It was just so crazy because my mind was just set on the fact that I would be leaving because that is what everyone thought so I started thinking it too, and now that is not the case. I am super excited though!! At first I was a tiny bit like..awh, I was kind of ready for some sort of change. but as I have thought about it more I realize that there is a definite reason that I am staying here with Sorella Hawks for 6 more weeks. There is something more we are supposed to do here together. My work in Trieste is not yet finished! I love this place so very much and am grateful that I get more time here to see miracles and bring even more people closer to Christ!
Us with Anziano Briand.
I love Sorella Hawks with all my heart and we are starting to think that we are gonna be eternal companions...just never leaving each other! We have gotten super close over these past couple transfers and we are just super stoked to keep the love going strong and do work here in Trieste! As far as the other missionaries in Trieste, Anziano Briand, is getting trasferred to Verona-He and I got here on the same day, 3 transfers ago, so now I am the Queen of Trieste (like i have been here the longest..ha). It is sad because our current district has gotten really close because there werent any changes last transfer so it is sad that our lil family is getting split up! But the Anziano that is taking his place is in my group, so we were friends in the MTC, so that will be fun to serve with him.
Our district.
 This week was wonderful! we saw many miracles, of course. Miracles come, small and large EVERY day. that is the beauty of doing the work of The Lord. One cool miracle we saw was the other morning we had to go to the Questura to figure out some paperwork stuff for my permesso..we were kind of worried when we got there because there were tons of people and we had to make it to an appointment shortly after. We stood in line for a few minutes and then they randomly took me out of everyone! I went upstairs and was terrified to go into the room that ALWAYS rejects my paperwork and always tells me that i am missing things...i had that awful butterfly type feeling you get when you are about to go on a first date or the first day on your mission. annnnnways, i talked to the guy and he FINALLY accepted my paperwork and i was just like YAY. finally.

Then we ran to our appointment and made it there on time! It rulllllled, we get there to the park and our investigator, P., had brought a friend! We were stoooooked. We had planned to teach the plan of salvation. It was really cool because at Zone Training the day before we learned about scripture chains and how helpful they are in teaching and how much they help the Spirit in lessons and what not. So for our lesson we planned this sweet scripture chain and the lesson just RULED. it was soooo neat to see how when you are prepared and when you make the scriptures the foundation of your teaching, it just flows so much smoother and the spirit is SO much stronger! They understood everything super well and it was just a powerful lesson. We were able to give the friend a Book of Mormon and they were both really excited to read the assigned chapter together and to come to church. It just ruled and we really learned the importance of the scriptures and of following the Spirit.

Zone training.
We had another cool miracle this week with a woman named M., that we found in our area book. She is an ex investigator. She called us up to see if we could come over and we were like...ya! So we went over and she happens to be the most wonderful human EVER. she has read the Book of Mormon FIVE TIMES, she listens to hymns in her home, prays night and day! we were in shock! She knowwwwwws that it is true, but cannot physically be baptized. She does everything we do but she just isn't baptized! She says that she has people asking her why she does  the things she does and she just says...because it is right! this is the right street for me and I don't need to go looking anywhere else! we were just like was incredible!!! I cannot explain. her faith is just unreal. she wants to be baptized soooo bad, and one day i know that she will.

The work is just plugging along really well! It is really fun to see how things are improving and picking up...members are coming up to us and saying...hey i have a friend coming over for dinner on this day..and so are you! haha it just rules. the members here are just so willing to missionary work and it just rules. I am so happy and excited to continue to serve the people here in Trieste. It is a dream city full of miracles to be had. The field is white and we are ready to harvest it! so grateful to be a member of the great harvest team of the Lord! He trusts us to do this work, now we gotta step up and do all we can to finish the game. Sorry this is kind of short and somewhat lame but i am doing really well and excited to kick it for another 6 weeks here in the land of dreams!

Love you alllllll,
Sorella Burt

Beautiful Trieste.

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