Sunday, April 26, 2015

93 year old women need umbrellas too...

Another week well spent here in the magical land of Trieste! This is my home and i never wanna leave. We are working hard, seeing miracles and preparing for some really beautiful things coming in the near future!

The biggest and most important thing that is currently going on in our lives is our investigator A. awhhhhhhh. i cannot even describe my love for her. She is progressing SO well and is just so excited and so ready and soooooo prepared for her baptism. We have been seeing her a lot lately and it has just RULED. Our relationship with her has just blossomed so beauitfully and she trusts us and loves us! It has been really neat to see our relationship with her grow over the weeks and even months since i have been here. Ever since we started making her our top priority and meeting her outside her home, she has really gotten comfortable with us and has really opened up to us! She is only 14, but i swear, she knows the lessons better then i do! She has been taught by the missionaries for soooooo many years and just knows all the lessons front and back. Like the other day we were reviewing the plan of salvation and she pretty much just taught us the whole thing! It is neat to see how incredibly prepared she is! She has had a few baptismal dates in the past but they haven't happened, but this time she 100% doing it and she is just really excited about it! It has just been an incredible blessing for us to be a part of it and to see her grow. I love that even though she knows all the lessons, she still asks us questions and is still seeking to learn even more! ah, she is just so wonderful.

The other biiiiiiiig thing going down is the Bednar Conference! It is THIS week and we have just been doing everything we can to be sure that we are prepared both spiritually and physically for this special occasion! Since Milano is SOOOO far away from Trieste and they dont want anyone to be late, we get to take a train to Verona on Sunday night to sleep and then wake up on monday and go to Milano. I am suuuuuper stoked because we get to sleep with Schoenhals, my MTC comp and her little baby!! We are suuuuuuper excited and yeah. it should be a truly amazing experience for us all. We have truly been focusing on consecrating ourselves and being in the right place spiritually to recieve counsel directly from an apostle of the Lord. We have to be willing and make the choice beforehand that we will do ANYTHING He asks of us and accept his counsel with loving and open arms. I am so exicted to see how this will change our work and our mission in general! Every single missionary in the Italy Milan Mission in one room along with an Apostle of the Lord...ah it gives me chills just thinking about it.

This week we had some beautiful experiences, as alwayyyyyys. One nice little story that will explain the title of this email is this: The other morning our appointments fell through so we had some time to go out and talk to people on the streets. Which is wonderful except for the fact that it was POURING rain and REALLY windy. and when i say windy...i mean like Trieste, Bora, windy. So we go outside and it is just impossible to talk to anyone or to do anything, but we are like...NO we have to! miracles always come in the rain! so we are just walking and Sorella Hawks' umbrella breaks so we are just sharing mine, trying to let it not blow away and we see this suuuuuper old lady with a walker walking doing the streeet without any umbrella or anything. So we go and offer her Hawks' half broken umbrella and the look on her face was PRICELESS. she was just thrilled and asked us what she had to give us. when we told her nothing, she was even more thrilled. she then told us that she is 93 years old but still really young at heart...ha idk she was just suuuuuper adorable. then when we told her that we were missionaries her mouth just got really big and she was just so amazed by that! it was sooooo adorable and she gave us her address and told us to pass by. it was just a beautiful little tender mercy from Heavenly Father on a very miserable morning, weather wise. We helped a woman that Heavenly Father placed in our paths, and she helped us have happy spirits on a rainy morning.

We are happy to be in the service of the children of God here in Trieste. The joy it brings to my heart is undescribable! His love is real and as long as we are seeking to make Him happy, everything else works out! As it says in 2 Corinthians 9:6-7, God loveth a cheerful giver! So let us be cheerful and get out there and give all we have in the service of others to please or Father who loves us so much!

Love and prayers,
Sorella Burt

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