Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Third time's the charm


The first big piece of news is that we got transfer calls this week, and.....
WE ARE STAYING TOGETHER. in Trieste. holllllllla.

We were SO pleasantly surprised! I thought for sure we would get split up with all the new sisters coming in and such. And typically sisters only stay together for one transfer unless they are being trained. So yeahhhhhhh we were really stoked to get the news that we get another transfer together! And I get a third here in beautiful trieste! third time's the charm, eh? I am really excited, i feel like big things are coming for us here...i feel like I have been saying that for a while, but this transfer, it has to be real! There is more work for me to do here, and I am excited to see what the Lord has in store for me and how I can help the work here in Trieste grow even more. Each person makes a difference. The little things added up are what will make the big difference in the end.

"I can testify that we receive answers from the Book of Mormon"
The big miracle for us this week was that S. came to church!!! YIPPEEE. we were just soooooo excited! She is just so cute and met us at the bus stop and we went there together, we gave her a little tour of the church because we were a little early and then she was able to meet a ton of the members! the members were just so wonderful and welcoming, ah it was just so happy! Every person that came up to her and introduced themselves, just made her smile wider. I think that she just needs somewhere that she can feel welcome and have friends in her life...the church is the perfect place for that! She could only stay for two hours, but from what she said, she really enjoyed it! It was so cute, when the members would ask her how she met the missionaries, she would just smile and proudly tell them how she met us by chance on the street one day! (NOTHING is by chance, by the way) it was just a wonderful miracle and we are really excited for her.

This week we saw many tender mercies from Heavenly Father. When we needed it most He would send us a kind human to talk to. We were blessed many times with talking to very nice people on the streets. With the amount of finding that we do, the rejections often feel like they just pile up. It is weird but you kind of just have to become immune to happens so often that you just have to learn to not take them personally and just make it fun! It is really funny how people reject us of my favorites was this week when i tried to talk to a lady at a bus stop, she looked at me like i was a complete crazy person, took 2 steps forward and then looked ahead...haha i can still you! people are too funny. Something that I heard at church this week was that the prepared people won't try to run from us...if they are truly prepared, they will listen to what we have to say! We are just trying to keep good attitudes and lean on our faith that we will find these people that He is preparing for us to find.

We had a cool experience last night at our English Class. When we got to the church, there was only one man there for english class. We were very surpirsed to see him, because he was a man that had come up and talked to us at the bus stop near the church the other night to ask us if we still did a free english class. We told him that we did and we were very surprised when he actually showed up! He ended up being the only person that came and at first he was a little bit sketchy...but as the lesson started, we quickly saw that he was not sketchy at all! He was great. The neat thing was that our English lesson turned into a full blown Restoration lesson! He was asking us questions about our church and the organization and we ended up just talking for the whole class about that. It was a super neat miracle, he seems to have a lot of real interest and we were just really excited! It is amazing how the spirit works and how a lesson about introducing yourself in english can turn into the Restoration. so. cool.

That is about all I have for today. Things are swell and the weather is getting warmer! Plus we got sushi this week, so that was a total dream. i have missed it soooooo much. Also, Trieste has the most adorable little old tram that takes you up the mountain side and we rode on that this week and it was a complete dream as well. awhhh. i love this place.
I can testify that we can receive answers to every single question and worry that we have through the Book of Mormon, I had a really neat experience with that this week. Heavenly Father knows us perfectly and He understands our very needs. i know that this church is TRUE. that is why I am here.

I love you all! Have a good one!

Sorella Burt

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