Thursday, March 19, 2015

Perfect Love Casteth Off All Fear

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Another beautiful week in paradise! the weather is getting warmer and warmer each day, it is amazing how much a little sunshine can literally do for the soul! This week was happy, so excited to share!

First of all, last thursday we went to Pordenone for a Zone Training. We have Zone training once a month and they are always just so much fun and I always learn so many wonderful things that I need to hear. The big news from the Zone Conference is.....yes, we indeed are getting iPads! It is official, confirmed by Elder Bednar himself. We are not really sure about a lot of the details, but they are for sure coming! It is pretty crazy to think about how much this will impact our missionary work. We talked a lot about how we need to prepare ourselves spiritually to receive them and to receive guidance from an apostle of the Lord. We are really focusing on exact obedience and doing all we can to be consecrated missionaries. It was a great little training! we also talked a lot about the verse in Alma 38:12...about being lovingly bold and not beating around the bush. Being bold is something that is very important as a missionary and something that I can definitely work on! The night after Zone Training we had some finding time and we decided to just go out and be realllllly happy and have really good attitudes and just try and teach everyone! Attitude literally changes everything. It was SO cool. We were able to stop LOTS of people and have really solid teaches with them. Although the outward success wasn't really there, we felt reallllllly successful because we were happy and we were doing the work of The Lord. It was a really good experience for me to see how I can decide my attitude and decide whether I am going to make the most of every situation.

Me and Sorella Gillespie! We were in the same district in Pavia and now she is my sister training leader!
We had an appointment with S. this week on Friday the 13th, but it fell through and she told us that we cannot see her until April, so that was a huge the same day a bird pooped on my lets just say that friday the 13th lived up to its name this month!

okkkkkkkay so we met the most wonderful lady this week. We were just walking down the road and this lady was trying to pass us, we stepped aside to let her pass and we realized that she was this little Asian lady in a big purple hat that we had seen on the bus a few times. She all the sudden just starts talking to us and asking us why we were out doing that on Sundays! we started talking with her (in english) and it turned into an hour long conversation. It was the cutest thing ever becuase she was linking arms with Sorella Hawks, and she would start walking and then stop walking every few steps just because she was SO into the conversation! Her name is P. and she is from South Korea, and she LOVES Jesus, holy cow. I cant really explain it, but she is literally the most wonderful human being. SO much faith and such a strong desire to do what is right. By the end of our little chat, she asked us if we would send her scriptures every night (which we already do, we send nightly scriptures to all of our members, investigators, less actives, ect) and then when we asked if we could pray with her she was like YESSSSSSS. oh my goodness PLEASE! she then told us how she has been trying to find someone that will pray with her. She has been having a hard time and has just really been trying to find someone that will pray for her. She tried the Catholic priest guy but he told her she would have to pay. So she said that she was really sad and decided to go for a walk, and then she found us! She told us that we were such a miracle for her. It was literally the greatest experience. I am so grateful that Heavenly Father placed us in her path.

this is my favvvvvvvv lil antique shop!!!
My fave scripture for this week is in Moroni 8:16 "Perfect Love casteth out all fear." I have been thinking a lot about how love and how as we strive to truly love and serve those around us, there is no room for fear! We will not fear rejection, or awkwardness, or sadness, or what people will think of us. If we truly are trying to love as the Savior loved, we have no need to fear!

Today Sorella Hawks and I bought matching Bora tshirts, so i ammmm super stoked about that. also little trieste snowglobes #tourists?
I am just super happy and loving being in the service of others! The work here is looking up. Thanks for the support as always! Love you all forever.
Sorella Burt

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