Monday, February 2, 2015

the work goes forth..sempre‏

Hello everrrrrrrryone out there!

This week we got transfer callllllllllllllls. horrrrrrrray. Transfer call day is literally the worst because you have no idea when they will call you so you just try to focus and it is just really hard because the anxiety is realllllllll! Our call didn't even come til the afternoon, so was just a struggle!! Buuuuuuuut, I am staying in Trieste and Sorella Nedelkov is leaving to Milano....awh. It is pretty much exactly what i thought would happen! I am sad that she is leaving me, it has literally been such a wonderful transfer. My new companion is named Sorella Hawks, she is one transfer below me so i will be the senior comp for the first time, yikes. ha jk i am actually like realllllly excited! It will be a challenge, but thank goodness I am not in this alone! We make the switch tomorrow, we have to go to Verona for a few hours so i am excited to see that city. It should be a really good transfer, i am excited to just keep working hard. I feel really good about this next transfer. I really feel like the work here is taking off, it is exciting and i am stoked to see where it goes!
This week RUUUUUUULEEEEEED. like literally the best week of the whole transfer. Miracle after miracle. I dont even know how to explain it, it just ruled. I am so happy because that is what this work does to ya! You cannot help but be sooooo happy when you are a part of the Lords Army! it just rules.

a few stories:
firssssssst, the other night we had a few minutes before it was time to go in, so we decided to walk down this certain street. We tried stopping people and everyone hated us until this one lady actually STOPPED. ha miracle in and of itself right there! haha but anyways, she was soooooo wonderful and kind and just was one of those people that stares into your soul and she just radiates with this neat vibe...idk how to describe. but yeah we just talked to her about the restoration and she was like...yes, well i believe that anyone be a prophet..and stuff like that. we talked for a few minutes but she was suppppper into her own religion and not really interested in learning more about ours, but we asked if we could leave her with a prayer. She agreed, very happily, and we held hands in a nice little triangle in the middle of the sidewalk. After the prayer she can i pray for you?? we were like...uh YES, please do! so she prayed for us and it was just beautiful and we walked away just sooooo stoked! First time anyone has ever wanted to SWAP prayers with us. what. it was so cooooool. one day she will accept the truth, i know it. she was just too great.

Yesterday we had a MIRACLE MORNING. so the night before during planning, we both had the strong feeling like we needed to stop by one of our new investigators named Novella...we werent really sure why because she is normally not available in the morning, but we felt like it was right. So yesterday morning we were on our way to her house, and this guy stopped us to ask if we knew where a street was..we didnt but we whipped out our handy dandy map and started to look for it. Not having much luck, the lady next to us asked if we needed help. After she helped us she was like, hi my name is Jessica...and shook my hand...i am a member of your church! I was like...uh okay, um COOL. It turns out that she and her family is the less active family that we had talked about in consiglio with the ward the sunday before that really needed help...and we just ran into her on the street! She then asked if we wanted to come over, and we went over and were able to have a nice time with her and it was just SUCH A HUGE MIRACLE. after that we went and found Novella and she was ACTUALLY home. another MIRACLE. we had an awesome lesson with her and it was just sooooooo cool. Testimony builder that the is the Lords work. He puts thoughts in our minds and people in our path! we just have to follow those thoughts and talk to those people.

I had a lot of really strange encounters with random men on buses this week...i am not sure whyy. One man asked if i was a mormon and then proceeded to tell me in terrrible english that Jesus is already on the earth...not tell, he was YELLING. and just day you will understand. ha Another guy pushed me off of the bus as i was trying to get on and yelled at me in some weird language that i didnt understand...that was def my first time getting pushed off a bus! Another guy was yelling at me about Musolini for like 5 minutes after i tried to talk to him about the church....and another guy started talking to me in english and told me that he has seen me around a lot.....CREEPYYYYYYYYY. literally italian men are werider then the rest! I AM SO GRATEFUL THAT WE ARE PROTECTED out here. yikes. Weird people keep things interesting, that is for sure!

I am really excited for this next trasnfer here in Trieste. The work is picking up and i am jsut really excited to see where it will go! This is the Lords work, and it will ALWAYS go forward. that is for sure. I am greatful for Sorella Nedelkov and for the time I have been able to serve with her here. We have gone through lots together and she has taught me how to always have a positive attitude and to NEVER give up, no matter how hard things get. I am so greatful fo her! i love being a missionary and I am greatful for the Miracles of the Lord.

Have a wonderful week!
peace and love
Sorella Burt

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