Wednesday, February 4, 2015

He Love Us

Let me just start off by saying that we have had a STELLAR pday today. It started off with a casual little walk through small italian streets up to a beautiful ancient castle with an absolutely BEAUTIFUL view of the city...the ocean, the mountains, the castle and the lighthouse off in the distance. We literally live in the most beautiful place, i cant even stand it. After that we went to this little slightly-too-classy restaurant that one of the guys in our ward works at...they make super delicious american style but slightly better hamburgers, and he hooked us up with some free potato chips and chocolate...holla. We are just those extremely awkward sister missionaries that have no clue how to handle themselves at normal restaurants because in has been too long since they have been in one...#whatevs #embracetheawk OH and we found the most beautiful little antique thrift shop i have EVER stepped into. oh my was literally too good to be true. Everything was just super ancient and neat and a thousand times cooler because it is all Italian...good thing i didnt have any cash or i literally would have bought way too many items. Too cool, i was literally IN HEAVEN. we will be going back. But um anywayyyyyyys, yeah it has just been a much needed goooooood pday.

This week was a little bit rough, we will just say that. okay, it was a lot a bit rough but we learned lots and did see many small little miralces that always confirmed that we are never alone out here. We were trying to go for a 21 lesson week, so naturally everything fell through and nothing went how we planned. Also, every human is sick or they are just like really busy...i think that they are just excuses, but whatev. It has just been hard because it pretty much feels like no one has any sort of desire to meet with us, or talk with us. We are really trying to get the work going here, but it is just hard to know how to do that. We are working reallllllly hard, doing what we are supposed to and trying our best to stay i guess i just still am supposed to learn patience! This week i realllllly learned the importance of just laughing. When things were sucky and nothing was going right, we would just find something to laugh about and everything got better. Attitude is everything peeps, i can tell ya that much! When you are walking around at night in POURING rain, freezing your butt off trying to talk to the very few humans that are also walking outside but do not want to talk to you and your umbrellas just constantly flip out and you just feel extremely just laugh, and you keep on walking! I love Sorella Hawks so much. We just made the worst week the funnest week ever. We have just gotten really good seeing the positive and never giving up.

This week i have really felt that my Heavenly Father loves me. Is is aware of us all the way out here in Trieste, and all though sometimes it may not seem like our effort is making any difference, He sees our effort, and He loves us for it. I know that I was called to this specific city at this specific time for a very specific reason. There are no mistakes in the work of the Lord. There is no such thing as random and there is no such thing as a coincidence. I know that my talents, my personality, my testimony is needed here. I am not sure why exactly yet...but i will not stop trying to figure it out. I know that even when things are tough, we can be joyful. We can look for the good and we can rejoice for the many blessings that we do have! There are so many reasons to be happy, so many things to show our gratitude for. When things are hard, and nothing seems to be going your way, stop and just say a prayer of gratitude, and then put a smile on your face and get up and keep going forward. I know that things have to get worse before they get better...and they always get better. I am grateful for the things that I am learning each and every day out here on my mission. It is hard at times, but i wouldn't change this experience for anything in the whole world!

I love you all, don't ever stop smiling and don't ever forget that we are never alone!

Buona giornata!
Vi voglio bene,
Sorella Burt

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