Monday, January 19, 2015

Venice is a Dream


First off, i would like to verify the rumors...VENICE IS A DREAM. Yes, it is 100% as amazing as everyone says, i am a living witness! Last Wednesday after we emailed we hopped on a 2 hour train to Venice. We only had 3 hours there, unfortunately, but we were still able to see most of the city and even managed to get lost for a solid 20 minutes! It is a really confusing lil place. But holy moly, it is magical. The big thing there are the masks. SO many masks everywhere. Holy cow. I even bought a little baby one that is a magnet, because i felt weird going to Venice and not buying one! Sooooo yeah, Venice was a dream. I wish that we would not have been in such a hurry, but i imagine that i will go back there sometime in my life. We took loads of pics so dont worry i will share um :) we also got the classic pizza and gelato...just to authentizie...ha i dont think that is a word...the experience. Venice is super touristy, it was so funny how much English we heard! It was a good time for sure.
Venice is a dream!  Piazza San Marco.
San Marco Basilica in Venice.
After Venice we hopped on another train to head to Pavia! We got there around 9 o'clock at night and stayed the night because my appointment was the next morning. It was sooooooo weird to be back there. Seriously it was weird, and actually a little bit hard for me for some reason! But seeing Sorella Woods again was absolutely magical. I adore her! She and her new baby are doing great and the work in Pavia is actually progressing! Naturally it decides to progress right when i leave...ha but yeah i went to my appointment the next morning at the Questura...Police station? not really sure how that translates...but yeah i had to get my fingerprinting done for my Permesso...the thing that lets me stay in Italy. I did it and then the lady said that i was going to have to come back on Tuesday and i was like...uh i don't live here..and long story short, all my paperwork is getting transferred here to Trieste and is all just a large mess! I have these scary ladies from Milano that call me every couple days to see the status on my paperwork and stuff...they are not very nice and keep telling me that if i don't get it done i will have to exit the country...yikes.I am sure it will all work out though! But yeah it was a super long but good little trip to Pavia. It was hard for me to go there but i learned a lot and I am a better human for it!
Sorella Woods...I love my Mommy!
On the way back to Trieste (we accidentally took the wrong train that took like an hour longer)  we were just sitting there talking,,trying to figure out what we need to do to be able to meet our goals for the lessons we wanted for the week. We have had a really hard time getting lessons like for this entire transfer and we were just trying to figure out what we needed to do differently. Then the thought came to my head...go find lessons on this train. I voiced my thoughts to Sorella Nedelkov, she agreeed, and we stood up to go find some people to talk to. The first girl we talked to wasnt very interested and quickly exited the train, so we stood up and went to find someone that was interested. I felt impressed to sit down next to this certain lady, and as we started talking to her, I quickly saw why. Her name was C. and she was WONDERFUL. We talked to her about our message...just the whole thing, about life, about God, and man, she was just so sincere and so open. She was asking us questions and we were able to answer, and the spirit was just incredibly strong! i am not really sure how to explain it but it was amazing. We gave her a Book of Mormon and got her information, unfortunatley she doesnt live in our area but holyyyyyy cow it was such a beautiful MIRACLE. I know that we got on the wrong train for a reason. I know that she was placed in our path for a reason. I am so greatful that i was able to follow that prompting from the spirit and that we were able to find someone who is being prepared. Heavenly Fathers plan is perfect, i know that for sure.

Things are just going suuuuuuuuper well here in Trieste! We are finally seeing miracles and things are starting to happen!!! Patience and hard work pay off...i can tell ya that much. Literally this entire transfer has been suuuuuper rough, and we have worked super hard but haven't seen much success. BUT we have not given up and we are being blessed with miracles. Seriously there are just too many to tell them all. Things are just going well! Our days are going how we plan, we have actually been able to have appointments with people that have been ignoring us and we are finding people that seem very sincere. I can testify that this is the Lords work, that He knows exactly how it is all supposed to work out. This transfer I have learned how to trust in Him, and in His plan. I have learned that we just need to KEEEP ON KEEPIN ON...because the blessings ALWAYS come to the faithful. We are not perfect missionaries, that is for sure. There are a thousand things that I could do better, but I am trying, and Heavenly Father sees that desire. He KNOWS US PERFECTLY and He knows what is in our hearts. If we are constantly seeking to do His will and to do our part 100% of the time even when things are hard, we will grow. We will learn. We will look back on hard times and see how we have become better humans. I am so grateful for His love for me and for EVERY SINGLE ONE OF HIS CHILDREN. He loves us all, always has and He always will. Turn to Him, seek His will, and everything will work out!
We get transfer calls this Saturday so we will see what will be happening! i really have zero clue, but i feel like i will probs stay here...but who knows!
I love you all and i hope you have another wonderful week!

con amore,
Sorella Burt

Venice - Rialto Bridge overlooking Grand Canal.
Venice canal.
Venice gondola.
Venice selfie.
Venice selfie 2.
Venice selfie 3.

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