Monday, February 2, 2015

life is good in da hood‏


I am doing super great. the happiness is real, i can tell ya that! This week started last Thursday when we traveled to Verona to get new companions! We were in Verona for quite a while waiting for all of the missionaries to arrive. I didn't get to see much of the city except for the apartment of the Sorelle, but i guess i can say that i went to Verona! haha I hope to go back someday to see the sights, it really is a beautiful city! My new companion is Sorella Hawks! She is from New York, which automatically makes her like 20x cooler among the members. They all just say...finally! someone not from Utah! haha its pretty funny. But holy cow i LOVE HER SO MUCH. yeah. we already get a long sooooo well. she is just the greatest, i cannot even describe. We are just like meant to be friends, it rules. She is one transfer below me which means I have had the new opportunity of being in charge. At first it was a little bit overwhelming...having to know the city and the people and the language...but it has been wonderful. It is really good for me to have to step up and take responsibility, i am going to grow a whole lot this transfer and i am really excited about it!!
My new comp, Sorella Hawks, from New York

We are still having to do a lot of finding, but we have seen some miracles and have quite a few really great potentials! One of the biggest miracles this week was with one of our investigators named L. She is about 60  years old and is very catholic. We have only had about 4 lessons with her, but she is just very stuck in her ways and has some interesting ideas. This week we planned to teach her the plan of salvation, but we ended up having to take it in a much different direction.. She just always talks about how she has been trying to find an answer for her whole life from God about which path is the right one for her. She is angry with Him because she doesn't feel like she has gotten her answer. We taught her about how she can receive answers from Heavenly Father...and we told her that this gospel is her was a bit bold, but after we said that, the whole mood of the lesson changed. Something changed in her....the spirit was SO strong, and I know that she felt it. She said that she feels wonderful when we talk about the gospel and we helped her to realize that that is the spirit. I don't really know how to explain it, but it really was just a huge break through lesson with her! She has always been very stuck in her ways and not willing to try but by the end of the lesson she said she would read and pray about the chapter we gave her that very night. And she asked US about church and said that she wanted to come check it out! AH. it was such a cool experience, and was totally and completely guided by the spirit. It was a huge testament to me that when we follow the spirit, it has the power to soften anyone's heart. She is absolutely wonderful and I am very excited to help her on her path to find the truth.

The other day when we were doing some finding around our house, we found a wonderful lady named S! She was holding a cute little dog and we were able to talk to her for a few minutes about our message and exchange information. The other day I called her to set up an appointment and she said...YES of course! I live right by your church, so why don't we just meet there on Thursday morning! I was like...uh, yeah okay we could probs do that! I was totally excited! She is absolutely wonderful and she actually wants to meet with us, suuuuuuper stoked bout that! We are really seeing miracles as we just go out and find people. The Sorelle here in Trieste have never seen a baptism...but the Anziani have seen a lot. Hawks and I are bound and determined to get the work going for the Sorelle here, I know that it is possible for sure! there are people being prepared, you just have to go and find um! I have learned that Heavenly Father puts people in your path, when you tell Him where you are going to be! when we plan a specific place to do finding or do casa, He knows where we will be and He literally puts people in our paths. The power of planning combined with prayer is so real and SO COOL.

Today i ate a real life Italian that ruled. Except for i learned that it is actually Canolo not Canoli when you are talking about only one..i felt a little dumb when I was asking the lady for one Canoli..hahah oh the Italian struggle! we learn lots everyday out here :)
Yesterday we talked to this slightly rude catholic lady on the side of the street that told us that we are way too young to know the truth and that we have plenty of time to figure out that Catholisim is actually the truth....haha that was interesting! i was like...uhhhh excuse me? I AM NOT TOO YOUNG I KNOW THE TRUTH!...of course i did not actually say that but i wanted to..sometimes you just gotta bite your tongue and walk away! We met a JW on the street the other day, and had a similar experience. She have us one of her pamphlets and when we tried to give her one of ours she was thanks, i already have the truth. hahaha ooooookay. the people you meet everyday out here...too fun!

I am doing realllllllllllly well. I love trieste, i LOVE sorella hawks and i love doing the work of the Lord each and everyday. Our Heavenly Father loves us and He knows us. We must remember Him and SHOW our gratitude for how incredibly blessed we have been.
keep it real peeps!
Sorella Burt

oh...sorella hawks cut my hairs last probably 4 inches #thesismishlyfe

ps...two sorella burts for the day..thats what happens when hawks leaves her at home hahahah

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