Wednesday, February 25, 2015

The good that you are

heeyyyyyyy ALL. Another beautiful week enjoyed over here in the beautiful country of Italia. Here in Trieste, this week was what they call is pretty much just a strange/crazy version of Halloween minus the candy, plus a LOT of confetti. And it lasts for about an entire week! Italians sure love their seems like it is always a holiday around here and they always last for a while! Carnevale is pretty much just an excuse for everyone to dress up in strange costumes all day and throw confetti all over the ground. They literally buy large bags of colorful confetti and just throw it  all around as they walk around for an entire week! Every street is just covered in paper...its funny because they are super obsessed with recycling here but then they just throw paper all over the ground #savetheplanet? We saw some pretty weird costumes this week though, Italians sure know how to get creative! Last night we made the mistake of walking around downtown area while doing some finding and awkwardly found ourselves in the center of a large Carnevale party in the, hi...always just being those awkward sister missionaries. ha also we saw the most ghetto parade i have ever seen! It ruled, it looked like a bunch of high schoolers got together after school on day and stuck a bunch of random things together and then called it a float! man, it was hilarious. They were just blasting American music and rolling down the streets, having the time of their lives!

At the beginning of this week we saw an absolutely beautiful miracle with a woman named S. She has been a potential for quite a while, and this week we were finally able to see her. It is actually pretty cool how it happened. A few weeks ago i talked to her at a bus stop for a few minutes and got her phone number, but a few days later when i tried to call her- it said that the number didnt exsist! I was super bummed because she was really awesome. Then a few weeks later when Sorella Hawks and I were doing some casa in this specific place that we had planned to go..she just happened to walk by! We were able to talk again and I figured out that i just wrote her number down wrong and we were able to get the correct that was a miracle in and of itself!! We finally got an appointment with her this week and we were really super excited about it! We met her in a little piazza and taught her the entire restoration on a little bench. It was literally the coolest lesson everrrrrrrrr. not really sure how to explain it, but the spirit was just there..and it was FORTE. she is going through a lot of problems right now and expressed to us how hard it is for her to ask for help, but she really needs it. she needs something more. It was really neat to be able to testify to her that this gospel, this message is the thing that she needs. it is the hope and the happiness that will help her face any challenge that she might be facing. She was so open and involved in the lesson and I really thing that she has been prepared for this. It was just really neat to FINALLY meet someone that is searching for something and willing to change! someone that actually wants to meet with us and wants happiness! She accepted the Book of Mormon and was very excited to read it. She even asked us how she would recieve her answer...ah it was just really neat. After that lesson, i just felt pure joy. It was unreal. I am just excited for the chance that we have to actually help a human in need. to share this happiness and hope that I feel with someone who needs it so badly!! such. a. neat. miracle.

We also had an exchange this week! Our wonderful sister training leader, Sorella Andromidas came here to Trieste and it was such a good time! she is such a stellar missionary and taught me loads of gooooods. I love the chance that we have to learn from other missionaries. the thing that i learned from her that i loved the most is just the importance of ENJOYING the work. she taught me that it is possible to do the work, and do it well, and to also have a good time! I feel like all to often i just get stressed and overwhelmed with trying to doing everything right and trying to fill every moment, that i dont remember how important it is to smile, to be happy! This is such a glorious, HAPPY message! We just need to chill, not stress, do the work, and be happy about it! I loved that. We are here to bring joy into peoples lives, and we can do that each and every day! I am trying to have an attitude of love and going out each day with the mindset...i am going to make someones day today..or i am going to make someone happy...because that is missionary work. Spreading joy and light to the world that needs it oh so badly.

I am also learning the importance of positive self talk. that sounds a little bit strange when i type it into words...but yeah! I am learning how important it is for us to recognize the good in us and the things that are our strengths. I think that too often in life we tend to focus on our weaknesses, all the things that we need to improve. And because we are not perfect, this list seems never ending and often leaves us discouraged. Let us focus on the good that WE ARE, and have more faith that Heavenly Father will place people in our lives and us into situations that will help us to improve ourselves and slowly overcome our weaknesses! We have so much good to bring to this world, we need to remember that more and let the good be our focus! the rest will come!
I am doing reallllllly well. Things are happy. I have the most wonderful companion that helps me to be a better person each and every day! I am so grateful for her and the things that i learn from her. Heavenly Father knows what we need, that is for sure. This weeked we are going to be doing a lot of traveling because we have Zone Conference and Stake Conference, so it should be really great! #ilovetrainssssss
I hope you all have a wonderful week and always focus on the GOOD THAT YOU ARE.
lovvvvvvvvvve you guyyz.

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