Saturday, November 1, 2014

Transfer one...over and done!


Grettings from Pavia! I hope you are all doing well and that you had another killer week! I surely did. This week was full of much goodness and joy and I am so STOKED to tell ya allllll about it!
First off, we got transfer calls on Saturday....drumroll please.....Sorella Woods and I are staying in PAVIA! HOLLA. Not really any surprise there, but it still made me really excited! I love Pavia and I love my wonderous trainer!
Sorella Woods and I in beautiful Pavia!
It is crazy that one transfer is already over. Crazy I tell you! That was literally the fastest 6 weeks of my whole life! We are stoked for the next 6 and are really just gonna KILL it. We are getting a brand new greenie in our district though, so that is exciting! I am just excited to not be the youngest anymore, it will be weird but i am excited to hopefully know more than someone for once! haha This week was what they call Senior Companion Week...that means that the junior comp becomes the senior comp...which pretty much just means that I was in charge of the phone and making calls and kind of deciding what to do and where to go. I was terrified for it at first, but it actually was not as bad as I thought it would be! I made loads of phone calls and was just like a pro...ha only like 4 people hung up on me...meno male!

Sorella Schoenhals is in our district with Sorella Gillespie.
Yesterday we hit our goal of 70 people which means that WE GET GELATO TODAY. I am so excited i cannot even explain. We figured that we haven't eaten Gelato for a whole 2 weeks and we are dying...i am pretty sure that it is a mission-wide record! It is pretty neat that in 11 days we had 70 conversations with new people about the Restored gospel and about Jesus Christ! Not many accepted, but we did our job. All we can do is invite, thanks to our agency! It was a really great experience though and I am definitely coming out of my shell as far as talking to people goes! It is so great and I feel so much better when I just talk to someone rather then when I don't!

We had a really hard time getting a hold of people this for someone reason NO ONE will answer our phone calls or call us back...which makes setting up appointments a little bit difficult. This means that we had lots of finding time this week, which was actually really great! We were able to see some pretty amazing miracles. One of them was the other day when we were out doing some finding. We take turns being the leader and deciding where would be the best place to go. This particular day was my turn. I was praying a lot to try and figure out how to discern the promptings of the spirit while finding and how to know where the Lord needed us to go. I had a thought of a specific path on the other side of Centro, so we started walking in that direction. We got on the path and there were hardly any people on it. As we got to the end of the path, there was one lady and her dog. We stopped her and started talking to her, her name was Y. and it turns out that she is a member of the church!!! She is less active and hasn't been to church since she moved to Pavia from Ecuador. OH MAN, it was SO cool. We just found a less active on the street, no biggie! There is NO WAY we would have been able to find her if it wasn't for the spirit! Oh man it was just a really neat miracle for me to see how understanding and following promptings of the spirit works. I know that Heavenly Fathers hand is in this work and that He will help us know where to go.

There is a LOT of less-active work here. If everyone in our ward was active, it would be double the size! Lots of work to do! Another cool miracle was a different night when we were finding. We walked past this lady sitting on a bench and by the time we got to the corner, Sorella Woods and I turned to each other and both said...yup we need to go talk to her. We went over and started talking to her...and oh man, she was SO nice and SO prepared. She was so accepting of what we were teaching and wanted to learn more and receive a Book of Mormon! The spirit was so strong and it just felt so natural and comfortable! I even felt comfortable with my Italian! oh man, it was just the coolest experience to find someone who was so prepared. We got her info and set up another appointment, her name is A., and we are just really excited about that! It was such an amazing miracle for us!
Italy is so beautiful!
So there is this really awesome New Convert family in our ward...the D. family. We went and visited them this week at their bar...bars are different in Italy. They are more just like small restaurants. They are just the coolest and they are actually trying to sell their bar because they are moving to Utah! They want to go and start a restaurant there! It is pretty crazy, and they are 100% serious about it. They are just leaving everything and moving to Utah! I really hope that it all works out for them, they are just going for their dreams, which rules.

This week we also went to Milano for Stake Conference on Saturday and Sunday! It was really great...well for what i actually understood! We go to Milano quite often for various conferences and stuff. I like going there, but we go a looooot.

I just feel like really super happy! This week was really good for me and I am truly just very happy to be here! I love it actually. One scripture that I wanted to share with you all is in Mosiah 8:18...go read it! I just love it so much. I know that our Heavenly Father has prepared a way for each and everyone of us to make a difference....and to work miracles through our faith! We can ALL be a benefit to our fellow men. I would encourage each of you to strive to do this, to have the faith and to ask God how he needs YOU to help those around you. I know that if we do this, we will ALL be able to work miracles. There is a work for us to do, in every aspect of our lives. It may be that you are supposed to be there for a friend, or just be a good example! If we strive to find what our work is, Heavenly Father will make us instruments in His hands. We are different because of this gospel! Own that, and be an example to those around you! Make them wonder why you are different and then TELL them what makes you the way that you are and why you are so happy! The Lord will bless you so much. We have to share what we have with others!
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I love you all so very much! I hope that you have a very happy Halloween and eat lots of yummy american candy for me and carve me a pumpkin or something! You all mean the world to me and I hope that you know that! Thanks for everything!
Till next time!
Sorella Burt


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