Thursday, November 13, 2014


okkkkkkkkkay, so to start off....we actually did not end up getting a new companion this week! We went like 2 days thinking that we were getting a third and then President called us again and said that we would not be anymore.  Everything is just staying normal, so i guess that is good! It sounds like everyone is doing really well and life is going on, as that is a relief! We had a really good week as well, being a missionary is just the best thing! I am so happy.

The big thing that happened this week was that we had a scambio...or exchange, i guess. Our sister training leader is training which means that she is a solo STL. We have to do a scambio with a STL every transfer, so we have to do two so that we each get a chance to be with her...if that makes any sense? Anywayyyyyz, for this scambio they decided that it would be a good idea to put both of the trainees Sorella Woods went to Milano with Sorella Smart, and Sorella Skinner came here with me. Sorella Skinner is only in her 2nd week in Italy, so I was the one in charge! I was realllllly nervous for this beforehand! Having to be in charge of the phone and getting around and teaching the lessons for an entire day!! Pretty intimidating. But I prayed a lot and I had a LOT of faith that Heavenly Father would help us out and everything would be okay!!!

We had a really cool miracle right off the bat. We were trying to find the house of this lady that we had found on the street the other day to give her a Book of Mormon. We got a little lost, but after a little bit of time, found the house. We didn't know which ci telefono was hers so we just started trying all of them, and none were her. We tried the last one and were just about to leave, and the lady that we had been looking for just walked right out the door of the apartment!!! I just got supppper excited and started talking to her and she remembered us and I gave her the book. unfortunately she was in a hurry, but she told us when we can come back! It was such a HUGE miracle and just really pumped me up for the rest of the night! I know that happened only because Heavenly Father made it happen. He blesses us soooooo much when we have faith, people!! don't forget it! Anyways, we had like 3 other lessons that night and they all went really well! It was so weird to be the one talking the most and leading and stuff. I really shouldn't have been able to say half the things i said, but i can truly testify that the spirit was with me and Heavenly Father truly did guide my words!! The power of the gift of tongues is so real and I cannot even believe it.

We were even able to find two really awesome ladies on the street and teach them lessons. Oh man, it was just SOOOOO good. It was the exact confidence booster i needed. I can do this work, I know more than i ever give myself credit for, but the only way is because of faith and because Heavenly Father magnified my abilities! It was the coolest experience ever and it taught be SO much.

We had an interesting experience at one of our investigators houses this week....she gave us some cake, that was fine but then after that she poured us up a nice glass of wine......we were like, uhhh. and she was like oh don't worry it is wine for the Saints! Only a tiny bit of alcohol. We were no thanks we don't drink alcohol (we obviously haven't made it to the word of wisdom yet...) but she was SOOO insistent that we drink it...we said no like a thousand times and it finally just kind of died away...but that was def a first for me!! STAND UP FOR WHAT YOU BELIEVE. also, don't drink wine....ha

So our cute little investigator with what we thought was a for sure baptism date, is no longer for sure...sadly enough. The last few times we have been over there, he has not really been very interested and hasn't been reading the Book of Mormon. We just don't want to push him into it, because it needs to be his decision. He doesn't seem all that excited about all of this anymore, so we are sad about that! But we are going to keep trying and help him to understand the importance of all of this, and hopefully he will understand!

This coming Sunday is our ward's primary program and i am the pianist for it! Horrayyyyyy. it should be very interesting! Our primary is so great but literally the loudest primary in probs the whole world! I love them though and am really excited to be able to play the piano for it! hopefully i do alright!

We are doing really well here in Pavia and are finding people and having really good experiences with our current investigators! This cute little couple, H. and V., have been investigating the church for 15 years and this week THEY FINALLY READ!!!!!! Holy cow, it was the biggest miracle and we are hoping that we can help them progress. They are from Peru and gave us the BEST RICE EVAAAAAAA. yum yum.

Things are moving a long and it is a wonderful time to be a missionary!! We have a big zone conference this week with someone from the 70 and the rumor is that we are gonna be getting ipads soon, but who knows! it should be a really good conference though, I am very excited!

I wanna share a quote with you all from President Gordan B. Hinckley...It will be a great day when our people not only pray for the missionaries throughout the world, but ask The Lord to help them to assist the missionaries who are laboring in their own ward....

I want to challenge you all to do this! get involved BE MEMBER MISSIONARIES. this work does not work without the members and we alllllll need to be involved! Pray for opportunities and they WILL BE GIVEN, I am not kidding,. do it! you will be so much happier! it is scary, yes...but the blessings and happiness far outweigh the fear and the awkwardness. Just DO it. i promise you will be blessed!

lovveeeee forever and EVER.
Sorella Burt

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