Wednesday, November 19, 2014

We Survived a Natural Disaster...‏

Ciao tutti! Come Stai??

This week was another good one here in the wonderful world of Pavia. I love it here, more and more. Every day i fall more and more in love with this beautiful country. I am so lucky to be here, AH i cannot get over it!
I love living in Italy!
Sooooooo...yes, as some might have heard there haas been a ridiculous amount of flooding going on in Italy lately, and even in Pavia. We have a river that runs right through our town and this week it got SUPER high because of the ridiculous amount of rain. There are a bunch of paths that run by the river that were completely covered and it was just crazy! The river even started overflowing and flooding some of the houses near by. We luckily dont live super close to the river, so we were safe...but we like to joke that we survived a natural disaster!!! #hurrrrrrrah they had tons of people working to try and fix the problem and then somehow the river has gone done a huge amount the last few days! We were lucky that the water didn't really come into our streets and stuff, it was a lot worse in other places, we hear!

River waters getting high!
So the Zone conference is actually not until tomorrow so we don't know yet if we are for sure getting ipads...but we are pretty sure it has something to do with that! We will find out tomorrow. I am super stoked to go to Milano for the conference it should be a great time and I am really looking forward to learning things from a member of the 70 that we can put into practice in our work here in Pavia.

This week we had a ward party...or a Festa della Zucca...or a Pumpkin party! It was pretty much just a Halloween party, just a few weeks late...ha that is Italians for ya! All the little kids dressed up and they had tons of fun little games for them to play and then they fed us Pizza...naturally! It was a blast and one of our investigators, P., actually came! We were so stoked and it was a rad night and made me feel like i was in america for a sec, which ruled. love those american moments!

We had a cool miracle this week with this lady named A. We actually found her a few weeks back...probably like a month ago, just sulla strada. We have been trying to meet with her since we met her but it finally happened this week! We went over to her house and taught her the Restoration. She was super interested and involved and asked us all sorts of questions. The spirit was very strong and we were really able to testify of the magnitude of this beautiful message. She was so sincere and when we invited her to baptism, she accepted and said...but i have to read this book first!!! haha we were like..uhhh, yeah. ha that would be a good idea! please do that!! She just rules. And we both left her house just really happy and feeling like she has been prepared by the Lord. It was an amazing miracle and we are excited to have someone new to teach!

We were also able to have a similar situation with a woman named G. She was also so sincere and prepared and we actually able to set a baptism date with her! It ruled and we are really excited about these things and the miracles that God is providing us! I know that hard work and diligence pays offfffffffff!

So this week on Monday, I had probs one of the worst days of my mission so far. I am not even 100 percent sure was just not good at all. Everything fell through, it was cold and rainy and miserable, and it was just one of those days where your heart just isn't in it, sadly enough. We were both just having a rough day and nothing went well. I came home that night feeling awful...knowing that i did not do all that i could have done to be a good missionary. I felt guilty and that i had let a lot of people down but especially The Lord. I prayed a lot that night for forgiveness and that i would be able to get back my drive and desire. The next day i woke up determined to just make it a good day, no matter what. To literally just go hard and not hold anything back. That is exactly what we did and yesterday was literally one of the best days of my mission! Everything went great and we saw lots of miracles! We talked to tons of people and just were a thousand times happier! I know that Heavenly Father allowed me to have that bad day so that i would snap out of it and work harder. There is opposition in all things and i truly learned the importance of that. i am grateful that each day I can improve and do better and I know that Heavenly Father is with me every step of the way! I am SOOOOO grateful to be here. Sometimes days are hard and things just don't go well, but you just keep going and doing it anyways. When I actually do what i am here to do i am a thousand times happier!! This gospel is completely incredible. It has changed my life and I don't know where i would be without it!

Well that is about all that i have for this week! I am doing great and just LOVING my mission. I love the good, the bad...all of it! This is the greatest journey i have ever embarked on and I am so grateful to have the support of the greatest humans ever backing me up and cheering me on along the way! never stop that. SO MUCH LOVE.

do ALL things that lie in your power.

have a great week!
sorellllllllllllla kar

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