Thursday, November 6, 2014

Miracles Are Real


Another wonderful week over and done here in Pavia! I am loving my life and just SO happy to be a missionary! It is literally the best thing ever. Everyone needs to try it sometime!!! We had the most incredible miracle ever this week. The story is a little long, so i will try and condense it...but you gotta know all the deets and it is def worth hearing!!

At the train station....where it seems like we always are!
So the other day we were on a train headed to a little town to visit one of our less actives. This girl next to us all the sudden just started asking what train she was on in a panic...we told her and she was very flustered because she had gotten on the wrong train and had to be in Voghera in about an hour and a half. (she spoke English and Italian...she is from Texas but has lived in Europe most of her life). We had her get off the train with us so we could help her figure out how to get back to the city she needed to go to. There was not another train for about an hour so, and Sorella Woods had the impression to invite her with us to our lesson. She agreed, and as we were walking there, she just let us in on ALL of her life, pretty much. Her name is L., and it turns out that her Dad is LDS and her grandma, she was pretty much raised by her grandma but she is not a member. She has a lot of tie to the church, which was pretty crazy! She is going through a hard divorce and has a lot of things going on in her life. She needed to get to Voghera to pick up some paperwork. We got to the members house and she was not there but her husband was. He was so kind and made a bunch of phone calls to find a way to get this poor lady to Voghera in time to pick up her paperwork. Finally he just decided to have his son drive him on their little scooter. L. had a big bag, so we told her that we would take it and she could come and pick it up in Pavia later. It was crazy, and I did not do a very good job at explaining it...but yeah.

We were really grateful that Heavenly Father placed her in our path and that we were able to help her make it to her appointment on time. BUT it does not end there! We were sitting on the train home and Sorella Woods and I both had the impression that we needed to put a Book of Mormon in her bag, we thought that might be a little weird but hey, we are missionaries and everything we do is pretty weird! And you cannot ignore a prompting! So we wrote a heartfelt note in a Book of Mormon and slipped it in her bag. That night we went to meet her at the train station and she was soooo kind and said that she wants to keep in contact with us and that she was SO grateful. We were hoping that she would find the BOM and that she wouldn't hate us! We didn't hear anything from her until the next morning when she sent us the most incredible text that i have probably ever received in my WHOLE life. i wish i could write it word for word...ahhhh it just gives me the chills every time i think about it! She said that morning she had opened up her bag and found the Book of Mormon along with our note. She said she cried many happy tears and had very many emotions of gratitude to Heavenly Father for placing us two very special young ladies in the right place at the right time...she said that she has never taken the wrong train, ever and that she knew it was for a reason. She said that she looks forward to continuing on her path to find her purpose and keeping in contact with us...the best part is, she said...My grandma always told me when I was small that I would be the wife of a prophet...who knows!

Ahhhhhhhh it was the most amazing miracle ever. It had absolutely nothing to do with us. It really taught me how much we are simply instruments in Gods hands in this work! (Mosiah 23:10) He makes it all happen. There were so many things that happened that day that were just perfect so that we would meet her and that this could happen. I know that God placed her in our path for a reason and I am SO grateful that we were in tune enough with the spirit to follow its promptings and to be able to change someones life! This work is the most amazing thing ever and I am so incredibly blessed to be a part of it. I know that people are being prepared and that this work WILL GO FORWARD.

We also had another cool miracle..we were able to get a BAP DATE. holla. It is with the son of one of our less actives, J...well she is not less acitve anymore...HOLLA! anyways...he is 10 years old and his name is N. He RULES. He loves coming to church, singing in primary, and reading and praying! He is really excited about his baptism and we are really excited about helping him prepare!

We got a new bishop in our ward this week! Which was crazy and unexpected! It made me think a lot about you guys though.The new one will do a wonderful job!!
We are in Italy and we do LOVE gelato!
Halloween...well it doesn't really exist in Italy...unfortunately! But we sure celebrated it....well kind of! We wore black and orange and took pictures with pumpkin cookies...and that is all! I have never missed American candy so much in my entire life! You all are lucky! the candy here just is not the same!
Our Halloween celebration!
We just barely like 20 minutes ago got a call from President that we are going to be getting a new sister in our companionship...i don't know her name or much of the details but apparently she has to be closer to Milano...she is coming on Friday, so that will be interesting!
Our last spoonful of peanut butter!
I am doing really well! I LOVE IT HERE. Italy is a dream and we are being blessed! I am really trying to focus on putting my ENTIRE heart into this work and truly becoming consecrated! I love you all and I hope that things continue to go well!! It is a crazy time, it sounds like for you all and i am very happy for you all! I love you all and I hope you continue to remember what is important!

Read D&C 88:41-86
Psalms 40:8

Have a wonderful week! i love you all so very much!!

con amore,
Sorella Burt

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