Thursday, October 23, 2014

70 Peeps = 1 Gelato

Ciao Ciao Ciao Ciao.

WAADDDDUP. hi like it is always Wednesday i feel. Always time to do this weekly email. Like the time is just FLYIN on by i cannot even believe it. I am mad because I forgot my little sticky note of all the things I wanted to tell you all this week...but its okay I have a pretty stellar memory! Also we had to go to a semi-sketchy internet point for emailing today so I am going to err on the side of caution by not plugging my little picture thing into the computer...i dont want no virus! I am sorry but no pics this week, which is too bad because i have some pretttttty good ones, i guess you will all just have to wait til next week, i know it will be hard but sometiems life is that way!! haha

So i have gotten a few questions in the emails the last few times so I figured that i would start by answering them! So our home is just this largish apartment building sort of near the train station. It is like the ugliest building on the outside, but the view is really nice and our actual apartment is pretty cute! It is pretty small, we just have a kitchen and a bed room and a bathroom and a where our desks pretty much just your basic rooms! it is nice though and it feels like home now. ha i do really miss carpet though. you gotta allllllways wear socks or your feet just freeze to death in like one second.

My beautiful trainer, Sorella Woods is wonderful! She is my mom, as they call it in the mission. Your trainer is your mom. ha She and I still get along very well and we work really hard, well this week we tried really hard to work harder. We kind of were going through this weird slump time where we could have been doing better and we realized that and were like, kay this is dumb, we gotta GO HARD. sooooooo then we made some goals and are just going really hard because guess what? that is why we are here, believe it or not! We are here to talk and to teach and to just give it everything we have. We have this thing where we come up with a hashtag of the day that will like push us...for example some of them have been #wesharebecausewecare #talktilyoudrop #dontthinkjustspeak#findtheone...and so on. it is silly but it is fun and keeps us motivated! Sorella woods is really good at giving me opportunities to talk and really pushing me. This has helped my lang skills for sure, and she is really good about correcting my grammar and such with love and just really builds me up with words of encouragement, which is great because i really need that!

One of our goals we set was we have to talk to 70 people before we can get gelato again. And its not just saying hi to someone it is actually having a real gospel convo with them! It is a lot of people before gelato and we reallllllllly want gelato so it is a good motivation to just be a forever finder and talk to ALL. it has really helped me in getting over my fear of opening my mouth and just not caring about what people are going to think or say! Goals are the bomb. they really help you stay focused and have something to push you! otherwise you are just wandering around without much purpose.

The work here is really slow, as far as we don't have very many investigators that we are teaching...which has been a little hard! But we are trying to talk and find and have the faith that Heavenly Father is preparing someone here for us to find! I REALLY feel like He is, i actually know that He is, we just gotta be patient! This week was a good one as far as just re-committing ourselves to our purpose and just doing what we came here to do. There was one day where I was like just thinking about alllllll of the things that I do not know, it is soooo much! there is just so much to learn and to do as a missionary, i really had no idea! It is crazy and overwhelming at times but then I read the classic scripture about line upon line, small and simple things...and i realized that i just gotta chill out a bit. I have been here for almost one transfer and I have lots more to go! I have plenty of time to learn! As long as i am focused and really trying to improve each day...i will eventually become the missionary that Heavenly Father knows I can be. I know that. We cannot expect to climb Mount Everest in one hour! it takes time. Its a struggle, but we NEED to learn to embrace and be grateful for the struggle. It has been the craziest whirlwind time, this first transfer! but holy cow i have already learned and grown so much. I know that this is exactly where i am needed, and I am going to do all i can with my portion of The Lords vineyard that he has entrusted me!

BIG NEWS. I had my first real life Italian, homemade lasagna and pizza this week and HOLY COW. i cannot even tell you, it was the most amazing experience ever. LIKE IT WAS SO GOOD. i have never tasted anything so delish...sorry mom, it was better than your lasagna! We went to a members house for the first time to eat and it just ruled. They are The Durante family and they are just the best. They love us sooooo much and have a daughter serving in Paris. They told us that we are coming to their house for Christmas, so that was great! They are wonderful people! The dad i cannot remember his name but his only goal is pretty much to get me fat...haha he was just trying to make me eat more and more and wants me to be a...big he called it. HA Italians are so funny.

We had a really cool thing happen this week! Our investigator, O., set us up with a really cool service opportunity. It is pretty much just like a soup kitchen place for homeless people and they serve dinner every night! It is sooooo cool. It is through a Catholic church and the people that volunteer there are all super nice! We went there and it was just really cool because everyone was super welcoming and kind to us and we even had some chances to talk about our church. They were all just curious why we were there and asked us lots of questions! So yeah, it is a really neat opportunity and we are really stoked about it!

This week was all around a really good one! We are working really hard and really trying to just keep the faith and continue forward! Press onward and upward, one day at a time! i love you all so much and I am so grateful for all the love and support! KEEP IT UP AND REMEMBER WHAT IS IMPORTANT IN LIFE.

Buona Settimana!
Ti Voglio Bene!
Sorella Burt

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