Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Week Threeeeeeeeee‏

heeeeey allllllll!

Week three is over and done out here in Pavia! It has been a pretty interesting week and I have learned a lot of very valuable lessons, not really in the ways that I thought I would! The work here is hard. Our first two weeks were relatively easy as far as work goes, but these last couple days everything has definitely gotten a lot harder. We are just struggling getting any appointments with our investigators and everyone keeps cancelling which has been hard. But I guess that is what pink washing is all about! Also it seems like nobody will listen to us and we have just gotten a ton of rejection, which is of course a huge part of missionary work, but this is the first week that the rejection and the hardness of this work has hit us full force. We are staying positive though and still trying to work very hard to find new people to teach and to try and help the investigators that we do have make some progress.

Everyone in our ward went to the temple this week too, so that has been kind of hard as far as not really having any opportunity to get referrals or meet with the members. We are still kind of in the newbie stage where we are just trying to figure out who everyone is and what we have to work with! It is hard but it is okkkkkay! President challenged us to have a 21 lesson week this week, which we are really trying to do-it just might be difficult if no one will let us visit them! haha

Buuuuut, on a good note, we set two baptism dates this week! So that is super exciting! It was with that cute family that I talked about before, B. and her son D. We taught them the restoration and invited them to be baptized on November 15th and the accepted! It was really neat and they are just really sweet. It is a little hard to figure our how much they understand what we are teaching though. They speak English but for some reason they have a hard time understand our English! We are going to have to take it very slow, just to make sure they understand what we are teaching! That family is a definite miracle though, I really hope that they continue to progress. They are going to come to church on Sunday, so that should be really great!

So probably the worst day of this week was Conference Sunday...sad, I know. Conference was just a really big struggle, and I will tell you why! So we went to Milano on Saturday night to watch the Saturday morning session and everything went great with that, I loved it SO much. like it was ridiculous I never wanted it to end! but the people in Milano told us that they were only showing one of the sessions on Sunday. So on Sunday Sorella Woods and I were able watch the Womens session at the church but when we went back to the church to try and watch the next session we could not watch it because the members were using the computer! so then we were going to catch a train to watch it in a different town but all of the trains were like 3 hours late so then we just went back to the church and watched it but the internet is suuuuuuuper terrible and so it paused like every 2 minutes. and then we missed our bus and had to walk home! It was a really hard day and we only ended up being able to watch 2 of the sessions..buuuuuuuut i did learn that i am really grateful for America and how easy it is to watch conference there! I did love the sessions that I was able to watch though.

I had prepared a few questions that I really wanted to receive answers to and I really felt like so many of the talks were direct answers to my questions. The overall reaching thing that learned was what It means and the importance of becoming more Christlike. This was a really hard week for me in many aspects, but I learned how much i just really need to forget myself and serve as Christ served. This is His work and I am His servant. I learned a lot of ways that I can do this and I am really excited to put them into practice. I know that this is where I am supposed to be and I know that even though it is really hard right now and I really miss home and I really don't know anything about what it means to be a good missionary...I know that My Heavenly Father LOVES me individually and that he will never leave me alone. He knows my desires and he knows that I am trying. I really did love the things that I got out of conference and I really hope that we get to see the other sessions sometime! be grateful for your television everybody :)
Two months in!
My companion Sorella Woods is the actual best human. I love her so very much and she is the perfect companion for me! She just supports and helps me in all aspects of this missionary life and I am so very grateful to her! Last pday we went Milano and went on top of the Duomo so that was super fun! I will send you all some pics! This week I hit my 2 month mark in the mission so that was pretty exciting! it is crazy that i only have 16 left! time is gonna flyyyyyy! I am really grateful to be here though! I love this place more and more every single day! also it has been raining a lot lately, so that has been wonderful!! I know that my Heavenly Father loves me and has a wonderful plan for me! I hope that you are all doing well and I continue to pray for you every day! sorry that this email is kind of sucky, but it kind of reflects my week! haha i am happy though so don't worry at all! have a good one! Buon Giorno!

Sorella Burt

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