Thursday, October 2, 2014

Party Time Pavia

Buon Giorno!

Holy cow it is completely crazy that it is time again to write this email! That was like the fastest week of my life. The days go by so fast, it is a little freaky! People are tellling the truth when they say that missions go by fast! This is literally going to be over before i know it! Well it was another wonderful week here in Pavia! We saw some miracles and had some really awesome experiences! I will do my best to lay down the best details of the week! I just want you all to know alllll the details but i guess that is not really possible!
Study time in the apartment.
So last Wednesday i went on my first scambio...or like exchange. I went to one of the areas in Milan with one of the sister trainer leaders-Sorella Smart. I was definitely a little bit nervous before hand because I didnt really know what to expect or how it was going to go down. But it ended up being really awesome! sorella smart is like the coolest human, she is from draper and we just got along really well! We had a bunch of appointments set up for the day and every single one fell through, so that was a bummer. But we learned the importance of good planning and having back up plans! We did get to teach one lesson to these two super cute girls that cant get baptized because their mom wont let them! super sad. but it was a good lesson and i felt like i was able to communicate a solid  testimony and some good thoughts. The scambio was a really good experience and it was cool to see how someone else does work.
Sorella Woods and I on the bus.
This week we also had another Mostra, trying to get people to come to our big Ward Conference. We were outside for another 8 hours handing out fliers and trying to talk to people, and it wasnt that huge of a success, unfortunately. we thought it was a waste of time UNITL, we found a golden family. They are sooooo cool! We taught them a little lesson (in English) and got their information and set up an appointment! They are the sweetest little family and It was such a huge miracle that we found them! We are meeting with them this week so that should be really great! Alsoooooo we ran into a guy named L. but anyways we had met this guy at last weeks Mostra and got his information and stuff but he hadn't answered our calls all week long. But then he just walked right past us and we were able to talk to him and he said that he just was super busy but he still wants to meet with us! It was such a miracle that he just happened to walk past us! ah. so neat. And get this, he even came to church! YAY.

So Ward was supposed to be this huge deal, a big missionary tool where everyone invites their friends and tons of new people were supposed to come. We had a table full of book of mormons to hand out and everyone was just amped....and then literally like no body came. It was soooo sad. The only one that came was L. but he didn't even stay for sacrament! It was really a bummer, but oh well we tried really hard! The mission president was even there! it was a great meeting though! I helped the primary with a wonderful musical number, We'll Bring the World His Truth, the missionaries sang with them and I played the piano and it was super powerful! i loved it. everyone is soooo grateful that i play the piano!
I got my first SIG ring.
This week we went to Milano for a New Missionary Training with the mission president and it was super awesome! I learned so much and just had a renewed vision for what this is all about and the importance of just talking to everyone. It was fun to see some of my MTC friends and we all got our own box of pizza! thats how they do it here, you just eat an entire pizza by yourself and its totally okay/expected! haha so funny. I got a letter from dad and Hailey so that was a wonderful surpirse! thank you very much!

One other miracle that we had was the other night after we had tried to contact this family that we had found, but they didnt answer their door. We had gotten back on the bus and were heading back and this suuuuuper creepy guy started talking to us. like super creepy. he wanted us to go get drinks with him and yikes it was bad. we tried to talk to him about Christ and then he left us alone! but this other guy came up to us and was like, are you talking about Jesus? i am interested! and we were like...ohhhhhkay cool! so we started telling him all about the restoration and everything...this was in English by the way, there are a lot of English speakers here, like Africans,. anways he was golden! he ate it up and even told us that he has been looking for a restoration of the spirit in his life! aah it was so cool! we prayed with him and got his info and it was such a miracle!!

It was a good week and i just really feel like I am learning so much every day! I feel like a kindergartener, having to start at the very beginning! but it is great. I love learning and i just have to remind myself daily that I have only been here for 2 weeks...i got a long way to go and soooo much to learn! i love being here and I love being a missionary! It is such an amazing work and such an incredible opportunity to just be able to give everything that I have to The Lord! what a blessing!

I am SOOOOO stoked for General Conference this week! we have to go to Milano to watch it, but its gonna rule! i love you all and I thank you again for your continued support! oh also, I need some pictures of the fam for these family books that we are supposed to make, so if you could send some in the mail, that would rule! kay kay i love you all and i hope that you have a wonderful week! remember to humble yourselves each day and look for The Lords hand in your life in every moment! You all rule and I pray for you daily!

Sorella Burt

Our nice kitchen.

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