Sunday, October 5, 2014

Arrival In Italy (pics from the Mission Blog)

Here are some fun pictures from the mission office of the new missionaries arriving in Italy.

Collecting baggage at the airport after arrival.

All the new missionaries that arrived in September.

Hurrah for Italy (and Israel)!

First day finding on the train.

Giving his information to the missionaries.

Leaving the train station to do more contacting in the plaza.
7 of the 9 new sisters ready to go.
Finding in the plaza.

The 9 new sorelle at the Duomo with Sorella Dibb.

At the subway station.

The September 2014 group.

Dinner at last...tired but hungry!

The trainees and trainers waiting with anticipation to see who they're companions will be.

Instruction with trainers and trainees now together.

A few weeks after arriving the new missionaries and their trainers got back together for some more training.

Sorella Burt telling about her new companion.

11 of the new missionaries and their trainers.

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