Sunday, October 18, 2015


Hello everyone!
I am so glad that you guys were able to have a killer time at Moab together this week! It looks like it was nice and warm and that you were able to have some enjoyable time together. We had a decent week this definitely is not in the running for one of the best weeks I've ever had but hey that is life and things go on! The definite highlight of the week was kind of given away in the title of this email but...we are officially BIKING SORELLE. yay. literally it is the happiest thing! we were able to get the long lost bikes from the anziani and it turns out that they are in really good condition. they just needed a little air in the tires and they were ready to hit the road. we don't ride them everywhere we go because it is quite a large city and sometimes it is just better to take the bus...but for the times that we are going to the church or doing pass-bys around our area the bikes work great and actually save us tons of time! it is literally just so much fun to bike around. it puts such a fun different little feeling to missionary work which has been really good for me. we are still able to talk to lots of people though because we have been planning time in to walk places or park the bikes so that we can still have lots of opportunities to meet new people and spread this glorious message. it is a tinsy bit sketchy at times to ride bikes in this country..I am not sure where these people learned to drive... they are a little bit crazy but we are extra cautious and ride mostly on the nice sidewalks provided for bikers.

On the morning before we had interviews with President this Monday, we had some time to go out and do some finding on the way there. We had planned to go to a certain area and do some strada and then parco before we jumped on the bus to head to the church. We had a wonderful experience as we did strada and were able to stop a Philippine lady, G.,with her 18 year old son, W. We showed them Grazie a Lui in Tagolig and then talked with them about Chirst and how His restored church is on the earth again today. It was a beautiful experience and they had a lot of interest in seeing us again! We were able to set up another appointment so they both became new investigators! We were so excited to find a family that we can teach :) Right after that we found another man named J. in the park. We stopped him in such a natural manner and right from the start he was just so sweet, just like a nice old grandpa that treated us like his grandchildren! He had such a good heart and we had a wonderful lesson with him that brought him comfort in his time of struggle. We taught another woman on the bus and we were excited to be able to get three lessons already in the morning using three different methods! that was definitely one of the beautiful parts of the doesn't sound like it was much but I really appreciated it and it brought joy to my heart. This week we did a scambio with the Collegno sorelle and I went there with Sorella Hastings. She is a wonderful sister that is one transfer ahead of me. We had a wonderful scambio and although there weren't many appointments planned, we were able to teach 6 lessons in just one afternoon/evening! It was a beautiful time and The Lord literally placed so many truly good people into our path. We were very happy and felt like we were truly instruments in the Lord's hands especially because Collegno is a small town that has been struggling for quite some time. but we were able to find some really good potentials and i feel like restore some much needed hope back into the city that a lot of people think is dead.

That is about all I have to say about this week. sorry it wasn't much but I guess there isn't much to say! we have been working really hard and have been having quite a few little trials of our faith. we are just trying to stay positive and trust in the fact that things will get better and that we just need to keep plugging along. He blesses us according to our faith and our obedience and I know that we will be blessed and things will start to change around here.

I love you all so very much.
love you,
Sorella Burt

I bought a new sciarpa today...small joys

Our district leader made this trophy for companionship of the week and HOLLA...we won it! YAY!

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