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Greetings from TORINO.
A few of the Sorella at transfer circles - I got to see Sorella Hawks again!! Yay!!
It is honestly so weird to be in a new city. I think that I am having a hard time accepting the fact that this is not Milano and that time is over! But slowly but surely I think I will get used to being in a new place! It is another big city, Torino! But I think that it is prettier then Milano..everyone says that there are just SO many things to see here and just a lot of history in this city. We live in the nice part of Torino..apparently there is a nice part and a sketchy part. Our apartment is quite large because we share it with another companionship of sisters that are in the other ward. It is definitely a different experience, living with four of us! The first time in my mission for sure. But at least we have 2 bathrooms so that isn't an issue! both of the other sisters are super cute though and we all get along really well! We live right next to this super cute market that happens every morning and so this morning we went there to by fruits and vegetables for the week! I was like dying it was just so fun and I felt so Italian. It is a part of the Italian culture to go to the little markets or small little shops in the morning to buy your daily food. I have always wanted to do it and now we can! dream fulfilled. ha . It is a good city though, nice and large! We have been using mostly buses and our legs to get around but yesterday we made a discovery that there are BIKES hiding somewhere under the elders apartment and I just about had a heart attack. we are probs going to go and get them so we can start riding them around and fulfill yet another mission dream.

These are the girls that we live with plus some from a near by town
The work here is not doing super well...we have a couple investigators that aren't making much progress but it sounds like we do a lot of less active work. I have just been super excited to get out and find new people to teach so we can get the work going strong and so far we have had some good success! One miracle we saw was the other day in between conference sessions we decided to go out and do some finding work near the church. We prayed to know where to go and both felt like left was the right way to go. So we turned left and the first lady we stopped was super nice and it turns out that she had already met the anziani in Vercelli and has been to the church there and stuff but has recently moved here to Torino. We were able to talk with her and get her information and she is very willing to meet with us and to learn more! We were very excited about this simple miracle and that the Lord placed her in our path and guided us through His spirit to know which direction she would be in. We also got let into a house the other day while we were knocking some doors and found a Romanian lady that was actually pretty interested! yesterday morning we were able to find a new woman named R. that just had a beautiful spirit about her and was actually interested in seeing us again and learning more! Also we found a cute little lady from the Philippines yesterday that was also a really great find! She said we could see her on Sunday and is very interested in seeing how the gospel can bless her cute family! Soooo yeah, in short we are working hard and have some really solid goals to just make this a really grrrrrreat transfer of miracles and changes in the work. I am excited to be working with Sorella Nedelkov again and to see how much we have changed in the year that we have been apart. It has been fun to do some reminiscing about the good ol' days in Trieste and to catch up on the rest of the mission. I think that we will see some good things this transfer and I am very excited to see it!

Conference, of course, was absolutely wonderful! This was my first time watching all the sessions in Italian so that was a fun experience! I really received so many answers and the all the exact comfort I needed in the exact ways that i needed it. It was beautiful. I definitely want to go through and watch them all again because I did really miss hearing the voices of all the cute apostles and what not. It is a good thing that we have wifi in our new apartment so I can download any talk at any time! holla. no more wifi problems! The Lord blesses us after our struggles. A couple major things that stood out to me in the conference...the beautiful simplicity of the gospel. I was just overcome with that beautiful truth that the gospel is so simple. Especially when President Monson was speaking, it really hit me. He wasn't saying anything crazy new or special...just the simple truths of the gospel. Sometimes as members and especially as missionaries we really try to complicate things when in reality the gospel of Jesus Christ is so beautifully simple. I went into the conference with the question of how I can align my will with the will of the Lord's and I have found some beautiful answers to that...both in conference and in the study of the scriptures. I loved how much The Savior was talked about and how coming closer to Him is the key to aligning or will with the Lord's. I loved when Sister McConkie said that we each have a cause and that cause is to become ONE with the Lord. We always hear that we are here on earth to become like our Father...which is true, but this week I learned that it is more then that, we are striving to become one with Him. That includes our will, our desires, our character...we must become one in purpose, in mind in heart. That is the ultimate goal. And step by step we can make that happen but only with His help.
Conference Selfies
Another cool thing that our mission is doing is a Book of Mormon reading challenge. We are reading the whole Book of Mormon starting October 1st and ending on Christmas as our Gift to Christ. As a mission we are studying it and looking for all the passages that talk about Christ, His attributes and His ministry. It has beeen absolutely BEAUTIFUL so far and i am learning sooooo very much. The Book of Mormon is true, I can testify of that!

Welp that's about all I have for you all today! I love you bunches. hope you have a great week!
Sorella Burt

The Sorelle of the Mission Leadership Council

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