Monday, October 5, 2015

Another New Start

One of our investigators and her friend

I don't have a ton of time today so I will probably keep this one a little bit on the shorter side!

MIRACLE: This week our miracle would be with our new investigator named P. She is 33 and from Peru. We found her in the area book, she was an old potential that the sorelle found about two years ago and she agreed to meet with us. We met her at a bus stop near the church and as we walked to the church she told us all about her life and some of the hard experiences that she has had to face. She told us that she has been searching for her path and has tried many different churches but none of them feel right. She just really felt that she should accept the invitation to meet us and said that she doesn't believe in coincidences. We were able to teach her a beautiful restoration lesson with a member that turns out to live right by her like on the same street! She was amazing and the spirit was very strong as we told her about the first vision and after, the room was quiet and she softly said...this means I need to ask God too, huh? It was a beautiful moment and she really just understood what we were teaching. Before the lesson she said that all she wanted in her life was to feel at peace and to feel calm and at the end of the lesson we asked her how she felt and she couldn't help but smiling while saying that she felt so much peace! We testified that that was the spirit and she was just thrilled, saying that she didn't feel like we were trying to convince her of anything as she has felt in some of the other churches. She accepted the commitment to read and to pray and to come to General Conference this weekend with a question in her mind and she just seems very sincere and determined to figure out for herself if it is true! man, it was just a beautiful experience and we were left in amazement that The Lord has been preparing this woman for years to accept the truth.

SCAMBIO: This week we did a scambio with the beautiful sorelle from Reggio Emilia! We met them at a train station in the middle of our two cities, switched companions and then got on the train to head back and start the exchange...about 20 minutes into the train ride we get a call from the other sisters saying that they took the wrong train and were headed back to the same city we were going to, on the same train! So we decided to just all four work in Reggio Emilia and it ended up to be a really wonderful experience! I was with Sorella Bradshaw and she is just an amazing missionary with a wonderful missionary spirit. We went out and saw miracles, met our goals and just had a wonderful
time learning from each other. I love seeing new little cities, meeting new people and having the chance to learn from each and every person I come in contact with.

NEWS: We also got transfer calls this week...on Saturday during lunch bringing the very sad news that I am getting transferred. I kind of felt like it was my time to leave but it was still really sad. I am getting transferred to Torino...another pretty large city more on the west. And my new companion is actually not a new companion...I have already served with her! Sorella Nedelkov, was my 2nd companion in the mission and now we are going to work together again! I am excited because I love her and we are both a lot older in the mission now so it will be fun to see the difference in the work and to be able to catch up and learn more from each other! I go tomorrow and I am excited to see what it has in store for me.

I would just like to end with my testimony that I know that Heavenly Father knows us and He knows what we need. It may sound simple but the reality of it was truly felt in my life this week. His power is greater then any other and He truly comprehends all things. I am so grateful for the peace we can find through our Savior and for the opportunity we are given daily to follow Him. I love you all have a wonderful week!
Sorella Burt

My "going away" FHE with the ward

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Saying goodbye to Milano

We were able to attend the World Fair Expo again - for free this time! :)

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