Thursday, January 14, 2016

On the Lord's Errand

This week was wonderful! We are working really hard and are finally seeing some of the fruits of our labor so as far as getting new investigators is concerned. We have been having a really hard time getting new investigators lately and it has really been bothering me and I really haven't been able to figure out why we were having such a hard time finding new people to teach. For our scambio that we had this week, I set the goal to get a new investigator during the course of the scambio. We worked SO hard during the scambio and I really tried to consecrate myself and give the work my FULL effort. We talked to EVERYONE, on the street, in the was just a wonderful scambio and there was just a great sprit and vibe that was with us throughout the full 24 hours. The Lord blessed us with miracles and with wonderful experiences!

A couple of the appointments that we had set were cancelled or the time was changed and at one point we were left with a little bit of time before an appointment. We were in an area where we had met a potential lady about a week ago and we saw her go into a house nearby. I had the idea that we should go do some casa in casa (knock on the doors..) and on our way there, we met a lady that I KNOW we were supposed to meet. She knew the church because she was from Peru and was very kind. We testified of the power of the Savior and I KNOW that she felt the spirit. In the end she wouldn't give us her information and wasn't interested in seeing us again but I know that we were just
one more step on her road to conversion. After that we started ringing the doorbells of this apartment complex and we got into the apartment because someone was leaving. I was thinking that we should leave because we were going to be late to the appointment but Sorella Smith was like, no let's just try the first door. So we tried the first door and the girl on the other side was super cool and open and didn't even slam her door on us! She said she was busy but she wanted to know more so said we could pass by another time. It was sure a miracle and I learned from the faith of Sorella Smith following that prompting from the spirit. We were SO close to getting new investigators during the scambio multiple times but at the end, we weren't able to set any return appointments with the people that we met. I was a little bit disappointed but I knew that I had given the Lord my all and I knew that He was aware of my efforts. Boy was He aware. He blessed us with 5 new investigators in the space of two days...all of which are incredible people that truly want to know more and progress. It was a miracle and I know that the Lord blessed us for our consecrated work in behalf of His children.

One neat experience that we had with one of these new investigators, C., happened on Sunday after church. We looked at our phone while waiting for the bus to return home for lunch and saw that we had two missed calls from C. We quickly called her back and she said that she wanted to meet us right then, she needed someone to talk to. We immediately took the bus to the other church on the other side of Torino and met C. there. We sat down and it was very clear that she was really struggling with something. The look of despair was just written across her face. We started with a prayer and she started to tell us some of her feelings and her overall desire to find peace and to let go of her sins, repent and find a better life for herself and her son. We had a really spiritual experience with her as we testified of Chirst and the power that His gospel can have in her life. We explained what we do as missionaries and how this message can change her, if she chooses to accept it. It was an amazing experience and the spirit was so strong. In the end she asked what she needed to do next and is just so willing to change and to act. She is in desperate need of comfort and relief. I don't know as I sat in that room and felt of that sweet spirit, I was just overcome with gratitude. This is why we are here as missionaries. It just felt so real in that moment. The Savior literally heals souls and brings joy and hope into the lives of those that choose to accept it and it was amazing to actually be able to help someone that really WANTED that help and so desperately needed it. We so often talk to people that think they have no need for our message and that don't understand the impact that it can truly have in their lives, it was just really refreshing to be able to bring it to someone who really cared and who really needed it.

As far as our other investigators are concerned...T. is still doing well and is on track for her February 3rd date. We taught her about the Word of Wisdom and she committed to stop drinking coffee and tea. She is doing great and still just super stoked to get baptized. We struggled again in seeing L. this week as much as we would like due to some family problems so she will probably not be ready for her 23rd of January date. But she still has a great desire and is progressing well! She came to church and it was great because we actually had to give last minute talks about the plan of salvation! So it was perfect to have her there. S. is another investigator that we have that unfortunately is a bit frustrating. I won't go into details for times sake, but we taught her about authority this week and as clear and straightforward as we were, she still thinks that any good person in the world can receive the priesthood..ya. And E., the cute grandma that is the mom of a member, really opened up to us yesterday about her feelings and some of her really personal fears about baptism and what not. It was wonderful to hear and just the fact that she trusts us so much.

It was just a great week all around and we are just happy and things are going well. The work is moving forward and the Lord is with us every step of the way. I couldn't be happier to be able to take part in this splendid work and I know that our Savior lives and guides this church. I also know that Thomas S. Monson is indeed a true prophet called of God. We watched the movie about him, 'On the Lord's Errand' last night and it literally changed me and I felt the spirit in such an incredible and overwhelming way. I am so grateful to be on the Lord's errand I pray that I might be able to give Him everything that I am.
I love you all so much and I hope that you know it!
Sorella Burt

Il Duomo di Torino

Our scambio with the Collegno sisters! 
Sorella Smith found my blog and emailed me before she came to Italia
We found this really cute place that makes delicious herbal tea

Candles lit in a Catholic Church

Picture of the Holy Shroud

This is how the Italians do the Nativity...just super big and elaborate!

Another biiiiiig Nativity in a Catholic Church

This is how we do lug SUPER heavy bags and water all the way home and almost die.

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