Monday, January 11, 2016

It's Gonna Be a Good Year!!

Heyyyyyyy all.

We had a nice little week...some days more exciting then others but overall I am not complaining about anything! It is really beautiful because I just feel really happy right now. This is probably one of the happiest transfers I have ever had and I am not exactly sure why it is so happy! I know that my companion has a lot to do with it. We have really clicked these past few weeks and we just have so much fun together. I have honestly never laughed so much with a companion! It is great we just make jokes that are really dumb but we have the same sense of humor so we just die laughing and it just makes life so much more fun! Life is just better when it is enjoyed! We are just really choosing to find joy in the work and not get caught up in the disappointments or the grind of the work. It is neat because this 'joy' was the thing that I really wanted to have for my last transfer as a missionary. Going into this transfer I just prayed for a joyful experience where I didn't stress but rather got lost in the pure joy of serving the Lord. He has most definitely given me that experience and I could not be more grateful!
Finding JOY with Sorella Taylor

Last week for pday we went to a classy art museum of the famous painter, Monet. His art is on display for a limited time here in Torino so we had to go check it out. Apparently everyone and their dog had the same idea and we ended up waiting in line for quite a while but in the end it was worth it and I really enjoyed the beauty of his art. So many things in this world are so beautifully captured by talented humans putting paint on paper. It is incredible the talents that we have each been given!

The next day was New Year's Eve and we had to be home at 7. New Year's Eve was a wonderful day. it was one of those special days where there were just good vibes all around and we were especially happy! We talked with so many people and just had such a beautiful day. With our spare time at home we were able to get some work done with the area book and then after planning we had a really great time ringing in the New Year. It was beautifully simple, we just chatted about our feelings of the last year and really pondered and discussed the things that we felt like we learned. We talked about what we want to do with our new year, the clean slate, the new opportunity and it was just
really nice. I spent some time in studies that morning to really reflect on 2015, my full year as a missionary and the things I learned and the person I have become. It was a really moving and spiritual experience for me to think about the ways the Lord has shaped me and what things I still lack. I am determined to take control of this new year and not just make goals that are quickly forgotten. It is up to us. If we are really committed and have the right intentions...our goals will not be forgotten halfway through the year, but they will become a part of each day! To cap off our great little 2015 and ring in the new year, we stayed up til midnight and then went onto our porch to see the neighbor's fireworks. We got quite the show right in front of our house of huge fireworks and it was just really fun! Everyone was just out on their balconies wishing one another a good new year and it was just a good time!

As far as our investigators are concerned this week...we were not able to see L. at all, so that was really sad. She was busy with the holiday and what not, but we are seeing her today! We saw T. last week and gave her her baptismal calendar and laid out clearly the things she still needs to learn before she can be baptized. Apparently she got up in church on Sunday during fast and testimony meeting(we weren't there because we go to the other ward) and announced her baptism and invited everyone to come! Let's just say she is very excited. Hopefully she can continue to keep her commitments and understand the real reasons that she needs to do it! she is progressing though and we are happy! What a special person, oh T! Haha :)

We went to Milano this week for my last Mission Counsel meeting and that was pretty weird...just that it was the last one. It was great though, just as they always are. We got some new instruction about how we are supposed to do exchanges and some things will be changing with that. it was fun to see everyone, I will attach some photos. Tomorrow is our Zone Training and I will be giving my 'Commencement Testimony' normally it is called a dying testimony but president doesn't like that because we aren't dying, we are just beginning the rest of our lives...ha either way it is weird that it is my turn to do so.

Another really crazy thing happened to us this week, but I think that one is most definitely better of saved to be told in person! It is a great story, remind me to tell you!

That's about all I have for you all! I hope you have a great week and are having a happy new year!

It's gonna be a good year!
Sorella Burt
Sorella Hawks...awhhhhh. I adore her.

All the missionaries from my group that were at Consigilo...
that's 4/9 Sorelle that are going home. 

 We took this one in honor of our dear ol' Presidente Dibb...his reaction was...
"Oh you look so happy, that is very cool." Ha

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