Wednesday, November 11, 2015


Hello I am super sorry I don't know where all my time went but it is pretty much gone so this is going to be super short this week! SORRY. next will be better I promise. I don't know why I saved this one to the end. so silly.

I gave a talk in sacrament meeting last week and I thought it went well. I really felt like I was guided by the spirit and that I was able to say what they needed to hear. The spirit was very present and many members thanked me for it. There was a special spirit in the meeting in general so it was really a good experience! we are doing follow up because I also invited the members to pray to find a friend that they can introduce to us and we are hoping that we will see some good things!
We got district ties from a member and owls that fit our personalities.

-went to Milano to get my permesso! I got to see Sorella Hibo one last time and it was just super happy!
Sorella Hibo goes home tomorrow - CRAZY!
-ate at one of like the 3 Subways in all of Italy! it was a little slice of home and just made me suuuuuuuper happy! it literally was just like the subway in america and made me think loads of my amazing family. I will send pics of it next week.
-Got transfer news! we are staying together for the next 4 weeks! I am Sorella Nedelkov's last comp and that means that I will end my mission here in Torino. crazzzzy.
-saw the cute family C. and A. and it was greattttt! He accepted a baptismal date and they are progressing nicely!
-A BUNCH of less actives and new people came to church and it was just a super happy missionary Sunday. the spirit of missionary work was SUPER present and it was just super happy.
-We WORKED hard. laughed. cried. saw miracles. are just loving life!

I am seriously sorry this is so short but yes. I still am alive and everything is going well!
Congrats Hailey on earning your YW medallion!! I wore mine today in honor of YOU!
Have a splendid week and know that I LOVE YOU ALL.
Sorella Burt

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