Friday, August 14, 2015


yup it is. there are many things that could be getting us down but you know what? life is what you make it...and if you want to make it happy, you just do it! Attitude is everything. We had a good week, just like normal things! Not a lot of super exciting things to report, but i will just highlight a few of the flakes of gold we mined this week.
and the mission destroyyyyyys all things that are nice. i literally
have no clue how this happened.

-This week i saw a cool miracle with a lady that i met on the metro. I got right on and started talking to her and it turns out that she is a member, inactive. She was baptized when she lived in Peru, but then she moved here and only went to church like once and then stopped going a lot of years ago. I was able to have a nice little chat with her and we exchanged phone numbers. She said that she would like to come to church, she just doesn't know where the nearest one is. She lives in the Cimiano boundaries (another church in Milan) so we passed her phone number over to them. It was a neat miracle though, i was grateful that i was in the right place at the right time to be able to talk with her!

-Another little miracle came and once again we were in the right place at the right time. We were passing by a potential that we met a few weeks back while on scambio. On the way there we were talking to a woman on the bus that happened to be an ex investigator and was really nice and willing to meet with us again. that was neat, we got off the bus, having missed our stop and started walking to the house that we wanted to pass by. On the way there i felt prompted to stop a man, and we were able to teach him a small lesson on the street about the power and importance of prayer. We left him and made it to the house we were looking for. We said a quick prayer, and as we were about to ring the doorbell, this old man standing by the door said..."you are mormons aren't you?" we told him that we are and then he proceeded to tell us that he is a mormon too...or was, he said! We were able to testify of the church and invite him to come back and he said that he wants to. We also asked if the Anziani could stop by and he agreed. It was a neat miracle and we were definitely in the right place at the right time, thanks to Heavenly Father! All of those little events leading up to it, happened perfectly so that we would be at the door at the precise moment of that nice little inactive member guy. Heavenly Father is involved in the little-est details in our everyday lives. It is impossible to comprehend, but it is true and it is amazing.

-Another miracle this week came in the form of church where we miraculously had four investigators there and two less active ladies that we have been working with! It was a huuuuuuge blessing for us and showed us that the work still does move matter the circumstances. I also had to give a talk in sacrament and it was a miracle that i did not like throw up or cry not even a single time. #blessings

Our week was full of pass by's, knocking on doors, stopping every human we see because we don't see many of them, working on updating the massive ward list, eating gelato, cleaning our apartment, exchanges with other sisters, eating more gelato, learning how to iron from our 75 year old new convert named M.....she is such a hoot. no matter how we iron, we are doing it wrong! She was very worried that we didn't know how to iron...she said that we HAVE to learn or we will be single forever. No worries everyone, i successfully ironed a shirt and it got her approval. #thereishopeforme
I am happy to say that i am happy! I got a letter this week from our stake president and it just really stuck with me. He talked about how we as missionaries are like like those that rescued the Martin and Willey handcart companies from that terrible winter storm. We have been called to be the rescuers in our day, to find those that are wandering...hungry and helpless and cold. We need to respond to this call with urgency and just really give it our all...or else they will never be rescued. i am just trying my best to remember that always and find those that i am meant to save. I love you all and i hope you remember who you are and what you stand for!
sorella burt

A fun finding technique we call....WHITEBOARD. yeaaaaaaah. we love it.
we get some interesting looks but also some prime conversations.

We saw this on a door while we were doing some knocking...
Jehovah's Witness? No, thank you!
We knocked just cracked me up

YAY for awkward graffiti pics! This is right outside of our apartment - #milanoisbeautiful

annnnnd scambio selfies in train stations...yay i love sorelle

Sorella Montagnoli...we did a scambio together and had a lot of
small world moments. she is a cutie and a good lil' worker!

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