Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Remember Why We are Fighting

dear all those that i love,

Just another week over and gone! I hope that this finds you all happy and healthy and just lovin' life wherever or whatever your life consists of! We are just pluggin' right along here in Navilgli! Things are going relatively well and we are just really trying to keep those smiles on our faces and the faith and joy burning in our hearts. August is what they call 'Ferragosto' which literally means that everyone just leaves....i know that i have mentioned that before...but this week August actually started and the population decreased a major amount.

Last Wednesday after pday our ward had a little MTC, proselyting activity with some of the youth preparing to go on missions. It was really neat because we got to go on splits with them and just go hit the streets around the church and talk to people! At the very beginning, the girl i was with told me that she had started filling out her mission papers but stopped because she started feeling a lot of doubt like if she could do the mission or not. She told me that that activity was the make it or break it. Like it was going to be how she decided if she was gonna go or not. So i was just prayyyyyying right from the start that we would be able to help her have a meaningful experience...and we definitely had that! We talked to a bunch of people on the street and in a park and had some good chats with them. We didn't see like any huge miracles, but by the end of the short time we were together, the girl was like SO happy and just smiling and content that we had helped people feel the love of God, and that is what success is. Ah. it was just beautiful and i was so grateful that Heavenly Father helped me to help her and that we were just able to share His love with His children. I know that i was supposed to be with her because i was able to share with her some experiences and feelings from my life that just really fit with her situation and worries. It was just a special blessing for both of us.

We had this one beautiful day where it RAINED. yaaaaaaa it was literally just the perfect breath of fresh air after the crazzzzy heat that we have had lately. It was just fresh and cool and i was just sooooo happy. That night we had a neat little experience... we had planned to go inside and make some calls and plan some things a little bit before planning that evening. When we got inside, i just had a weird feeling in my heart. I just felt strongly that we should go back outside. I didn't know why and it didn't make sense because there were like ZERO people outside with the rain and what not. But i told my companion...Sorella, we need to go back outside. She agreed and we went back out. We were doing some strada and not after too long, we stopped an amazing woman that turned into the reason that we needed to be outside at that moment. Her name is M. and she is searching for the truth. She has studied with many different churches which is a huge indication that she wants to find the right one. We were able to teach her and get her information and she was just really excited to see us again the next time. We were very content with the fact that Heavenly Father had directed us and put her into our path so we could find someone who is searching for what we have. I am grateful for the guidance of the spirit that we receive and I am grateful that we were able to act on it. ALWAYS act on those little promptings.

This week i am learning a lot about what it means to have real intent. Real intent is doing the right things for the right reasons and just really putting your heart and soul into it. If we don't remember the WHY behind the things that we do, then we are just going through the motions and not living with real intent. I read an amazing talk this morning that my companion shared with me that just really put it into perspective for me. I would challenge each of you to search for the why and if you don't know why you are doing something, maybe it is not the right thing to be doing. If we strive to know and to DO the will of The Lord, the things that we do, even the small things will have purpose in our lives and we will truly be happier. Going through the motions is no happy way to live this life. Find out the purpose and then write that purpose on your heart. We need to remember WHY we are fighting and what we are fighting for. I am reading in Alma right now about the people that had a worthy purpose...they were fighting for their homes and their families and their religion. They knew why they were fighting and they came out victorious.
I am grateful for each day i am given to be a missionary and i am striving to truly put my heart and soul into each moment and remember why it is all worth it.
I love you all so very much!
Sorella Burt

meet my friend frank. we walk by him like on the daily and i just feel like we are good pals by now

this is us just doing some casa in casa...or how we do 'door to door contacting here in Italia. oh good fun it is. ha

We love Como and we love each otherrrrrrrrrrrr

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