Wednesday, September 17, 2014


Well apparently we have an hour to email today...who knew! ha so we are taking 30 minutes right now and we'll get back on later for another 30. I'll send a bunch of pics then because i've taken loads this week!
Cleaning showers for service - our job every week!

It is completely insane that tomorrow I will be getting on a plane to Italy. I cannot even believe it. My time here has gone by soooooo fast, i am sad that it is over! but holy cow i am so stoked to get out there and to start this crazy adventure!

This last week here has been incredible. I don't even know what to say about it. I am almost done packing, so that is nice!  Mom i'll probably call you from SLC and Dad i think i'll call you from Chicago...idk, we'll see how things work out but that's the current plan-ish. But yeah so stoked to talk to you all! and i wish everyone else didn't have school. darn it.

My Romanian companion, Sora Weaver , left this morning at 4:30 in the AM. We woke up to see her off and it was really sad actually! i love her so much, i am so grateful that we got to be companions here! it was such a blessing and I learned sooooo much from her. She is so sweet and i will definitely miss her! But she will do wonderful things in Romania! i don't know if you know but she was supposed to be here for 8 weeks but they cut back her time because she is picking up the languange so quickly! she has learned it sooooo fast and towards the end she was actually teaching the teachers the lessons! she is amazing and I learn so much from her!

It's weird to only be in a 2 companionship-this is how it'll be! it's weird to think that we'll be getting new companions and such, awh change is hard but this one will especially be hard! I'm super stoked though and i have a ton of faith, I know that it'll be okay! It won't be easy but nothing that was worth it was ever easy!
Sorella Schoenhals - I'm gonna miss this gurl!

I cannot wait to see what my mission has in store for me!!! tomorrow is the day and it is completely insane! i love you all so much! i hope you got my letter, very sorry that it was super strange and terrible. but i still love you all! momma thank you so much for the package! i LOVED it and so did my district! it was so super cute! i love you all so much! send me an email if ya have any questions or whatever and i'll be getting back on later today and i can respond! love you allllllllll. have a super duper day!

Our cute district - I love them so much!
My teacher Sorella much love for her!
Tanna - her room was right across the hall so I've seen her a lot!

Me and Alexis, AKA Sister Kempner!

Sorella Defranchi and I. She is from France

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  1. What an adventure, I am living it right along with you. Love you Karli