Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Be Patient in the Lord's Plan


Sorella (Jeni) Griffin and I.
Welp another week, over and done! And of course, it was absolutely wonderful as usual! I'm still really
loving my time here and it is crazy how quickly it is coming to a close! Less then 2 weeks and I will be in Italy. Completely mind blowing but i am soooo stoked! Of course i don't feel ready, but i feel like its a lot like how you feel before you come to the MTC or before you go through the temple. It is just a big new unknown world and there really is no way that you can fully be prepared for it! You just gotta prepare your very best and learn as you go! I am just really excited though! yeeeeeeee! oh and we get our travel plans tomorrow so that is SO CRAZYYYYY.

I learned an incredible amount this week, as always! The amount of growth and learning that happens here is actually so unreal but so amazing! We had TRC again last thursday and this time it went SO much better! i didn't even cry at all! horray! I feel like i am definitely starting to become more comfortable with teaching and although my Italian isn't super good, teaching is definitely becoming easier! Each lesson is different, but we learn and improve each and every time and that rules the most!

I absolutely LOVE my collega. We just have this companionship unity that is really undescribable. We are able to feed off each other in our lessons, and it truly is amazing. The spirit literally guides. You hear that so often, but IT IS SO TRUE here on a mission. If we didn't have the spirit there is no possible way we could teach or speak any italian or do this work at all!!

We had this really amazing experience the other day in class. We were talking about how important the Holy Ghost is in conversion. We studied some scriptures and just talked about the importance of it, but then it was time to practice. We always talk about a concept and then practice it...practicing is the key! practice practice practice! So the 4 of us Sisters went into a different room with Sorella Nilson. She told us the name of the investigator that she was portraying and we just had to go from there, asking her needs and just getting to know her, then teaching her something from the spirit. We got to know her and she told us what she was struggling with. I don't even remember the majority of the things that we told her, but holy cow the spirit was incredibly strong as we testified and taught her things as directed by the spirit. It was literally the strongest I have probably ever felt the was incredible. After we were done, she had tears in her eyes as she told us that she was not pretending to be anyone, she was there as herself, telling us her real problems. She was crying as she told us that everything that we told her was exactly what she needed to hear. She has been going through something hard but whatever we said was the exact answer to her prayers. By this point we were all crying and the spirit was unlike any other. To see a real person with real problems and we were actually able to speak with the spirit and help her out...was amazing. The spirit is the teacher. There is NO way we would have been able to say the things she needed to hear if it weren't for that spirit. ahhhhh. I cannot wait to get to Italy and be able to help real people and bring this happiness to them! Ah. It was such an amazing experience that i will always remember and hold dear!

Sorella Griffin, Sorella Brunson, and I having fun at the temple!

Thank you all for your emails and dear elders and such! i know that your lives are busy, but thanks for never forgetting about lil Kar over here in the MTC! You are all the bomb. I am so grateful to be a missionary! This week it really hit me the reality of that calling. I, Karli Burt, was called of God to be right here right now! I love D&C 25, It is talking to Emma Smith but in the last verse it says that it is for all. I love how it says, You are an elect lady and you are called of God...or something to that effect. I am elect and I was called for a very specific purpose right here, right now. It really is incredible when you stop and thing about it!

Just remember Alma 17:11 this week...Bear with PATIENCE thine afflictions. We must be patient in the Lord's plan and his timing. Everything is how it is for a very specific reason. Keep that in mind this week as you face your day to day challenges. How can you develop more patience? Think about that and then APPLY it. There is no growth in this gospel without action!

I love you all so very much! you are always in my prayers!!!
Sorella Burt

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