Saturday, September 13, 2014


Buon Giorno Famiglia!!

Oh my heavens it is literally so hard to believe that I only have like 5 days left here at the MTC. It is all so surreal but each and every day it hits me a little more that I will literally be living in Italy next week at this time! Mamma Mia!! This week flew by just like they all have! It is crazyyyyyy. But of course it was a super good week as usual! The MTC still rules and I am really going to be sad to leave this place!

Flight plans - We're leaving on a jet plane!
We have gotten to be sooooo close with everyone in our zone, It'll be so sad when we have to leave! buuuuuuut WE GOT OUR FLIGHT PLANS! Yipppppppe. It was literally the happiest thing! Best trip to the mailroom ever! So here they are....We leave the MTC at 6AM on Tuesday morning to go to the SLC airport. We fly to Chicago and we have a 3 hour layover there. Then we fly to London and are there for like an hour, and then to Milan! We'll get to Milan at about noon the next day so it is almost exactly 24 hours of travel! pretty nuts but I am soooooo stoked! I cannot believe that it is real! So all of our zone is on the same flight from SLC to Chicago and then we split from there, Rome/Milan. It's super crazy that it is coming so soon. yikes i keep saying that but i can't wrap my head around it!!

This week I also learned this mind blowing fact.... I am the youngest sister in our whole zone of like 35 people! idk why but it completely shocked my brain! #justalilyoungin #young&spry #eh?
sooooo, hmm what happened this week? well um we taught a bunch of lessons, naturally! kind of what you do as a missionary! Our lessons have been really solid lately and we are definitely getting more and more comfortable every time. I'm still pluggin along with the language, still a strugg but i haven't been feeling as much defeat about it lately. I am just trying to find joy in the small successes rather then see how much i don't know. that has helped me a lot this week. I know that i've probably learned just about all i can here at the MTC, I've studied, worked hard, and now I just gotta get into the field and become immersed in it. They tell us that you learn so much faster when you are completely immersed in it. So i'm stoked for that. I know that the Lord will help me and that I will learn it! It just takes a whole ton of hard work and patience and FAITH on my part. Just working hard each and every day! i'm not too worried though, i have a lot of faith and I know that I will be guided and helped!

This week I was feeling a good amount of fear for going to Italy so soon. I was feeling a lot of it. I went into fast sunday with a really desperate prayer in my heart to just figure out how to make the fear leave and replace it with faith. I had the most incredible fast sunday EVER. Literally i felt like all of the talks in the Mission Conference were directly for me.I had sooooo many impressions from the spirit that were just straight answers to my prayers. It was truly the most amazing thing!! I can truly testify of the power of fasting COMBINED with sincere and honest prayer. With a true purpose. I know that when we fast with a purpose and a prayer in our hearts and in our minds, we are better able to recognize the promptings from the spirit. It was literally such an incredible sunday! I know that I have absolutely no reason to fear! I am a missionary of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day saints! i am a representative of Jesus Chirst!! That fact alone means that i have no reason to worry or fear! He will be with me! Not matter what happens. I am going into this crazy adventure next week, I have no idea where I'll be living or who my companion will be, but i KNOW for a fact that I am not a lone and that I will we watched over and protected! I know that! It brings me so much comfort and joy!!! On sunday i could literally feel the fear leave me. I have sooooo much faith and absolutely no doubt! someone said this week...doubt and faith cannot exist in the same mind. Oh isn't that soooo true? We cannot have faith if we have even a hint of doubt in our minds! Everything comes back to faith! That is why it is the first principle of the gospel! It is so crucial for anything else in this gospel to work! FAITH is the key.

 {D&C 128} {Moroni 8:16} {Helaman 10:4} Scriputures of the week! look um up! ponder them! pray about how you can have more faith and courage in your life! We alllll can have more! And when you feel worry or fear, REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE!!! we are ALL children of God and He will NOT leave us alone!

i love you all so very much! thank you for the love and the support! I cannot wait to talk to ya'll on Tuesday!! Have a wonderful week and don't ever forget what your purpose is in this life!!

Sorella Burt

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