Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Literally I am Melting

heyyyyy fam.

we are currently sitting in a pizzeria doing this email sesh and i literally feel like i am mellllllting. so much sweat so much heat, cannot handle. I had heard that Milan was hot in the summer but I nevvvvvver imgagined it would be THIS hot. They say that it is supposed to get better in a few down a bit. I hope that is true but part of me just thinks that is wishful thinking. Hot missionary work is a lot harder but it doesn't stop us from going hard all day every day. I have probably never sweated or drank so much in my entire life.
Cookiewiches in honor of the 4th of July - a tribute to Grandma Moore

okkkkkkay, It was a week full of goods and weirds. I will focus on the goods so that we can all continue to smile and look for the positive in all situations. FIRST OFF...I have to give a LARGE shoutout to the wonderrrrrrrrful mother of mine that literally gave me the most wonderful gift I have probably ever received in my whole 20 years of life. When I opened that magical little package the tears were flowwwwwwwing. I do not even have the words to express how I felt and how perfect that gift was for me at that moment. Thank you mom for putting that together and another LARGE thanks to all the people that wrote me notes and sent the pictures of them holding the sign. Gifts like that are literally gold for any missionary. I just felt an immense amount of love and gratitude for all the incredible people that I have in my life that support me and love you. Thank you EVERYONE. It means more then you will ever know. Your support gives me the push and drive to continue forward and yeah. I just really felt the love of my Father in Heaven through the notes and the pictures. The fact that He loves me so incredibly much to give me such an incredible support system at home makes me OVERJOYED. Thank you a thousand times ovvvvver. My birthday was just wonderful. Church ruled, birthday emails, hugs, real-time italian lasagna from my companion, and even lots of beautiful miracles. Couldn't have spent my one and only bday in Italy any better.
Creepy dark birthday pic

One amazing miracle that happened to us this week came in the beautiful form of a member referral. We got a phone all from a member in a different Milan ward for her friend that lives in our ward. She told us that she had been to church a few times and was very interested in learning more. We called her friend, C., and set up an appointment for yesterday. We got to her house after a small struggle with trying to find the place, we are just DYING of heat...but we get there and this lady is literally an angel. She just radiates light and was sooooo kind. And the member was THERE too. ah. what a huge blessing. We had a wonderful time with her and taught her the restoration annnnnd...yeah. i know we as missionaries say this a lot...but seriously SHE IS SO PREPARED. probably the most golden prepared individual I have ever taught here on the mission. She was crying and just soooo happy about the restoration and I cannot even explain it. she is amazing. So she is Italian but speaks english perfectly, and this member friend, R., is actually American but married to an Italian. annnnnd this girl R.'s cousin was there because she is visiting for the summer and she just graduated from Riverton high! so that was a crazy connection! man. the world is so small. But anyways C. is just a huge miracle and I am so grateful for the opportunity we have to teach her.

Today is the baptism of R., and we are really excited about it! She is so prepared and just SO excited. She was also very prepared to receive the gospel and it has been a huge blessing to know her. I once again have to give a talk on the holy ghost so lets hope I don't like cry in front of everyone or something terrible like that.

As far as transfer news goes...i am staying her in Milano, and my new companion is Sorella Roper! yay, maybe she is related to the Roper's in our ward? I don't know anything about her, just that she is younger then me in the mission. I'm gonna be STLin' it by myself, so that will be an interesting experience. I am STOKED for the new transfer and the things it will bring. The work here is really picking up and we are seeing miracles right and left. I love you allllllll. Seriously cannot express myself adequately. But yeah.

hugs and kisses.
have a gooooood week.
Sorella Burt

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