Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Change is Good

This week has been a crazzzzzy one, that is for sure. There has been so much change, things learned, beautiful miracles, lessons learned, feelings felt, people helped, angry rejections, beautiful spirit and just so so much more..all wrapped into one week. Man oh man...the mission, am i right? So we will just start with the beginning...aka the beautiful baptism of our lovely friend R.. Everything went according to plan and it was a beautiful evening. Her husband and daughter even came and they absolutely loved it and most definitely felt the spirit. She is the start of something very special for her family and I am just overjoyed for them. R. is just one of those amazing new converts that has already been talking to her friends at work about her new faith and even called me before her   confirmation to ask if I could bring a Book of Mormon and some pass along cards so she could give them to her friends. She is a stellar missionary. Unfortunately, because she technically does not belong to our ward, we had to pass her to the Sorelle in the Cimiano Milano ward so we won't be able to visit them anymore...which is kind of sad, but it is definitely all for the very best!

The next day I said goodbye to my beautiful companion Sorella Boscia and said hello to my wonderful new companion Sorella Roper! And mamma mia, she is literally such a large blessing in my life. We clicked right from the get-go and just both have the same vision and drive for the work. She is younger in the mission by a few transfers, but you literally would never think that. She is an AMAZING missionary and person. She knows why she is here and it SHOWS in everything that she does. I don't really know how to explain it, but she is incredible. She is from Ogden Utah and man oh man, I just love her so much already. the transition has been a little bit interesting for me and i have been a tad bit emotional...but i am just SO much happier. i learned a lot last transfer, and now that i am out of it, i am seeing all the ways that i grew. i am grateful for the things i went through and for the ways they have made me see who i really want to be. we have just been finding SO much joy in just talking with EVERYONE on the metros, buses, trains...always. it is amazing how just talking with someone on a metro and bearing them your testimony, makes you feel a thousand times better. We have also been running into lots (okay only three) cute little mormon families around the city and that has been just so much fun. we ran into this one the other day in the train station and they were lost and we saw them, and something just told us they were different! the mom later was guys really don't understand how much you stand out. that really hit me, it is SO true. we stand out as missionaries but ALSO as members. we always need to make sure we are acting as Christ would at ALL times. One quick little miracle before i finish this up...we were on the bus the other day in a little city trying to do a passby to an ex investigator. we were about to get off the bus but there was a lady that i had seen and just really felt like i needed to talk to her. Sorella Roper kind of was smiling at her too, so i decided to talk to her. she ended up getting off at the same stop as us and we stood on the side of the street and talked to her for a while. she was from Equador and had had the missionaries over to her house many times before. we were able to watch Grazie a Lui, a short little film with her and the spirit was very strong. she has been fighting a hard disease and was just in dire need of comfort in that very moment. i was so grateful for the opportunitiy that we had to give her a little bit of that comfort she was seeking and just help her to feel Heavenly Father's love for her. I was very touched by her faith and especially when she said...i know it wasn't by accident that i ran into you two tonight. The miracles of The Lord are real. He loves and watches over each one of His children. We must be worthy of the spirit so that we know when He needs us to help Him watch over and love one of His precious children.I love you all and thankkkkk you as always for the support.
Sorella Burt
Me and Sorella Roper

Sorella Hawks is also serving in Milano!!! 

I LOVE Sorella Roper!

okkkkay also:
Sorella Hawks is now in Milano too, just a different ward so today we did Pday together!
allllso, how it works with me being the only is just like normal pretty much. we still do exchanges but i only do it with one of the sisters. also they changed the areas so i am over completely
different cities, so that should be interesting!

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