Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Expect the Unexpected‏

To say it has been a crazy week would be quite the understatement. Sometimes things don't happen how you think they will and good things end way too fast.  Saturday was Transfer News day. We waited all morning for the call from President to tell us what would be going down. The wait was KILLER, we were just dying to hear what would be happening. We finally got the call at about 12:30 and President told Sorella Woods that she would be training again and would be a Sister Training Leader and the shocker part came when he said that she is staying in Pavia! She then handed the phone to me and President told me that I was being transferred to TRIESTE. I was completely SHOCKED. I was pretty much 100% sure that I would be staying in Pavia, and so was Sorella Woods. It is just SO uncommon to be transferred in your 3rd, so I was completely prepared to stay. Boy were we wrong!!

I am going to the very East that you can possibly go to this little place called Trieste. It is like a little piece of land that hangs off Italy and is surrounded by water. My new companion...I cannot remember her name...she is only one transfer ahead of me, so we are both newbies! I just still cannot believe that I am already leaving Pavia, it feels like I just got here!! It is my home, the members are my family! It is all I know of Italy, of missionary work! It is my birth city!!

Goodbye Pavia!
I am still just in shock that it is a real thing. I am sad to be leaving here but also excited for this new adventure! From what I have heard of Trieste, it is like FREEEEEEEZING cold. It is known for its dangerously strong winds...I guess that there is a rope that you have to hold onto when you walk down the street, just so you don't fly away!! But I have also heard from pretty much everyone that it is absolutely BEAUTIFUL. Everyone tells me that I am really lucky to be going there, so I am excited to see what my new city has in store!

This week has been crazy, trying to get ready to move...packing, cleaning, saying last goodbyes! It is just a sad thing! I am really going to miss Sorella Woods,,,SO much. It is insane how close we have become over these past 12 weeks, we are bestest of friends! I just cannot imagine missionary life without my momma! It breaks my heart to think that today is my very last day with her...but I guess that all good things have go come to an end. I cried like a little baby when I bore my testimony in Sacrament meeting on Sunday.
Sorella Woods and I in front of an old castle.

Pavia has been such a good ride, it was literally the best start of my mission that I could have ever asked for. I learned and grew SOOOO much, it is ridiculous. We saw miracles, laughed, cried, got soaking wet, ran after way too many buses, ate way too much foccaccia, talked to loads of people, and just did missionary work. It has been the biggest growing period for me...the beginning of a mission is rough, really rough. I struggled with things I never thought I would. But I have learned to rely on my Heavenly Father. I have learned that He knows everything and without Him, we know nothing. I have learned the importance of being bold talking to people. I have learned to embrace the hard and to be grateful for times of trial. I have learned soooooo much i could go on for DAYS. I have loved it so much...but I am really excited to find out why I am needed in learn and to grow and to just continue to serve my Heavenly Father and be a disciple of Jesus Christ.

As you all probably heard...I also lost my wallet this week...yipppppppe. It caused quiet the stress on me and was just a really unfortunate thing all around! I lost it on a random bus in a town far away from Pavia last Thursday and was very sad because it had cash and cards and just all the important stuff.....BUT let me tell you one thing....MIRACLES ARE REAL. I found it yesterday! We decided to call the bus company one more time yesterday and they told us that they had found it. A man drove it to us and everything was still in there!! AHHHHH. it was the coolest miracle cards are still canceled, but it doesn't matter because it was just a huge testimony builder to me that God hears and answers our prayers and our desperate pleas for help...ALWAYS...but it is in His timing and His way. I think that He was teaching me patience and faith...both of which have grown this week from this experience.

I am moving tomorrow, my whole mission life is about to change. But i am happy and i am excited to see what this new adventure has in store.
That is all I have for today...but I love you all! Keep it real.

con amore,
sorella burt

I love the people in Pavia!
With the Elders.

My Christmas package arrived just in time!!

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